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Dear ISCB Member,

The Polls are open - vote today for President-elect (one-year term followed by three-year term starting in January 2020) and Vice President (three-year term starting in January 2020)!

Christine Orengo, PhD  Alex Bateman, PhD   Yana Bromberg, PhD
Christine Orengo, PhD
Candidate for President-elect 
Alex Bateman, PhD
Candidate for V.President
Yana Bromberg, PhD
Candidate for V.President

Read through the candidate statements at www.iscb.org/cms_addon/nominate/election/iscb_election/elect.php and cast your ballot today!

Logging on to your membership account is required to verify your membership status but your ballot is 100% anonymous.  If you are not a member and want to help shape the future of the society sign up to be a member today!


Voting will close on July 25!  
Help shape the future of ISCB – Vote today! 

Vote Today!  Polls are Open! Vote for the Future of ISCB!