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ISCB Statement on Countering Social Injustice
The International Society for Computational Biology abhors the losses, harm, pain, and distress caused by racism in all forms.  ISCB acknowledges, respects, and promotes the value of a diverse community as core to our international organization and culture.  ISCB leadership has taken a pause to reflect on recent events – to listen, learn, and consider how ISCB, as a global organization, can do even more to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

ISCB is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and equal society for all our members. These values are enshrined in the Society’s code of conduct, values, and ethics.  The events of the past weeks highlight the painful reality of racism, systemic discrimination, and violence for many in the world. ISCB leadership took this time to evaluate where our Society stands and how we can help.  

ISCB actively seeks to help scientists and communities who lack the resources available to many of our members.  Every year, we offer conference travel fellowships to students from countries and backgrounds underrepresented in science, technology, and mathematics.  This year, the Society’s flagship meeting, Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 2020, will be a new virtual experience.  The online platform provides a unique, new opportunity to invite broader global participation from Computational Biologists worldwide, regardless of socio-economic background.  Our invitation for everybody to join is supported by a fee structure that takes the economic background of delegates into account.

ISCB has sought to create a diverse and inclusive environment where all can come together, meet, exchange ideas, and work toward goals in an atmosphere of safety, respect and civility.  We want to do even more to address the core issues of racial injustice that have now been made clear through recent events.  Thus, we pledge to continue our diversity efforts and seek to expand them.  This is no easy task and we recognize that systemic change requires new ideas and all of our voices to be heard.  We would like to hear from members of our community and are keen to identify actionable issues and weaknesses in the society that we can address.  We invite you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your concrete, actionable ideas.

We support all members, especially those who identify as part of a marginalized group.  We call upon all our members to work within our communities to confront and oppose racism, discrimination, and harassment.

Our field of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology already bridges multiple disciplines and people of different backgrounds.  At many institutions around the world, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology cross multiple Departments, Divisions, and Schools.  Let’s use our multidisciplinary abilities to work together to navigate these trying times and to find ways to lead and exemplify unconditional support for each other and for human and civil rights.  Let’s strive together to promote belonging and inclusiveness where each of us, with our diverse backgrounds, skills, training and talents can excel. Together we can use our science, our networks, and our good will to help build a better world.