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ISMB 2020
Day 1, July 13, 2020 Highlights & Recap
ISMB 2020 - July 13 - 16, 2020
Day 1: Highlights & Recap
We are off to a good start! A huge thank you to everyone for joining ISMB 2020 from all over the world. Today was a full day of innovation, stellar science and amazing opportunities.

Tech Improvement

And of course, a stellar day could not be complete without a few hiccups so thank you for hanging in there with us as we worked through the technical issued that occurred. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE! Below please take note of our "cheat sheet section" with some helpful hints to navigate the smaller technical problems that arose today and hopefully provide a smoother tomorrow.


ISMB 2020 opened with a bang. The conference opening keynote was Elaine Mardis who gave an engaging and enthusiastic keynote address on Computational Analysis in Pediatric Cancer Precision Medicine.

The day then dove right into the new and exciting world of a virtual conference with a vast array of sessions, tracks and channels.

ISCB Town Hall

ISMB marked the largest attended ISCB Town Hall in its history with over 250 attendees joining to hear about the state of ISCB which is strong even in the face of these unprecedented times.
Congratulations to all the ISCB Award & Competition Winners:
ISCB Student Software Award Winner
Florian Schmidt


ISCB Student Software Prospective Future Impact Award Winner
Robert Ietswaart

ISCB Art in Science
Dr. Zdenko Herceg, Art of Epigenetics
Mr. Joshua Bugbee, Impact
Dr. Marwan Abdellah, Brain Vasculature

2020 Wikipedia Winners
Diego Mariano, Structural Bioinformatics
Tiago Lubiana, OBO Foucndry & List of OBO Foundry Ontologies
Darko Durovski, Transcriptomics
Green ISCB: ISCB Groves

ISCB, in partnership with All Things Small and Green and Trees for Life, has set up its first grove of native trees, the ISCB 2020 grove, to offset carbon emissions caused by ISCB activities such as those emitted during the conferences, workshop or panel meetings that it organizes. With this grove, ISCB members are also offered a simple and convenient way to offset their own carbon emissions such as those incurred during traveling to ISCB conferences or workshops. We welcome you to join us as we work towards healing our environment.
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan Announced

ISCB Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee develops ISCB first strategic plan related equity, diversity and Inclusion. The elements of the plan are:

1. Increasing social accountability for change in the Society
2. Obtaining data and developing measures to assess progress
3. Voluntary training: The “ISCB Awareness toolkit”
4. Recruitment initiative
5. Mentoring

More information will be posted to a special section of the ISCB website soon.
ISCB Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Survey

To update your member profile and complete the ISCB EDI survey, please follow the following steps:

1. Click on the My ISCB tab once you have signed into the ISCB website
2. Click on "edit" then immediately "update your profile" button above your profile image
3. Choose the Membership Record tab from the Edit Your Details section
4. Scroll down and update the ethnicity section making sure to click the blue Update section when finished.
Cheat-Sheet Section

To access any session of your choice, please go to "Watch Now" and select the Channel for that specific Track. When in doubt, always refresh (F5)!

Miss a session? Not to worry!
Session will be available for on demand viewing as well.
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See you all tomorrow for another exciting, engaging and technically smooth day!