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Day 5 - Conference Highlights & Things to Know!



Thursday, July 29: Highlights & Reminders

10:30 UTC: Exhibitor Demos:
EMBL-EBI: Using the EMBL-EBI Competency Hub to support you career development
PerMedCoE: Competency Hub and upcoming training
GOBLET: the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training
11:00 UTC: COSI Tracks: MLCSB, CAMDA, Function, VarI, BOSC, SysMod, Microbiome, iRNA
11:00 UTC: General Computational Biology Track
12:40 UTC: Final Project Presentations: Collaborative Tools for Protein Analysis Hackathon 2021
15:00 UTC: Tech Track: Accelerating Multi-stage Bioinformatic Pipelines with Big Memory, Jingchao Sun, MemVerge
15:20 UTC: Research Exchange Forum for Birds of a Feather (BoFs)
15:20 UTC: Poster Session E: BIOINFO-CORE, BOSC, CAMDA, COVID-19, EvolCompGen, Function, iRNA, MICROBIOME, MLCSB, RegSys, Special Session 05, SysMod, Text Mining, VarI, General Comp Bio
16:20 UTC ISCB Innovator Award Keynote: Ben Raphael
17:20 UTC:
Daily Closing Comments
Start your morning off right and head over to the Expo Showcase for the Exhibitor Demos at 10:30 UTC.  Grab some coffee and get ready to learn & discover.

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