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Do you know a middle or high school student interested in bioinformatics?

Join us for the 2024 Youth Bioinformatics Symposium!


ISCB will host the 2024 Youth Bioinformatics Symposium (YBS), exploring computational biology through a hybrid event on Friday, July 12, 2024.

Middle and high school students interested in computational biology are invited to register for this symposium and participate in our one-day programme including:

  • A keynote talk from BF Francis Oullette from Origin Bioinformatics Canada.

  • Two exclusive tutorials:

    • Jumpstart Your Python Journey: Introduction to Python in Science and Biology

    • Finding and Analyzing Genetic Data to Study Evolution: Multi-Sequence Alignments and Phylogenetics

  • A student challenge delving into bioinformatics solutions for environmental challenges and sustainability.

YBS is a unique, one-day event that provides an opportunity for middle and high school students to come together and learn more about the exciting fields of computational biology and bioinformatics!

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