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Purchase your Books

Purchase your Books

ISCB is pleased to announce the ISCB Computational Biology book series in partnership with Springer (previously branded simply as the Computational Biology series), with an expanded list of series editors and exciting new books to come. As part of this arrangement, Springer book titles are available to ISCB members at a 25% discount.

  • For full list of offers visit:

ISCB has a weblink affiliate program with Amazon.com, Cambridge University Press, The MIT Press, and Taylor & Francis/CRC Press.  With these programs you can receive a discount on select books and products.

For more information:

  • Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press is pleased to offer a 20% discount on all Life Sciences, Computer Science and Statistics titles to members of ISCB.

    To benefit from the discount, please visit www.cambridge.org/lifesciences, add your choice of books to the basket, and enter the code ISCBCUP when prompted at the checkout. You may also view all discounted titles directly at www.cambridge.org/ISCBCUP

  • MIT Press - The MIT Press is pleased to offer ISCB members a 25% discount on any MIT Press books purchased on the MIT Press website. To redeem your 25% please use the discount code ISCB25 at the checkout.

    The MIT Press

  • Taylor & Francis/CRC Press – Visit our Taylor & Francis/CRC Press page for their featured book and book links.