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In January 2009 Bioinformatics (EISSN: 14602059, ISSN: 13674803) once again became an official journal of the ISCB. This was a "homecoming" of sorts, as Bioinformatics was the original Society journal from 1998-2004, and the ISMB Proceedings have been published in the journal continuously since 2001.

Bioinformatics Advances

Bioinformatics Advances is a fully open access, peer-reviewed journal published jointly by Oxford University Press and by the ISCB. This interdisciplinary journal covers bioinformatics methods, such as algorithms, statistics, databases and software as well as biological contributions for which the application of advanced computational methods is an essential factor, and much more.  ISCB members receive a 20% discount on publishing fees. Learn more at https://academic.oup.com/bioinformaticsadvances

Society Pages

Society Pages

The Society Pages provide a valuable means for members of the computational biology and bioinformatics community to learn how to get involved in numerous ongoing activities that cover the full spectrum of research, education and professional service.

ISCB Society Pages are part of PLOS Computational Biology and in OUP Bioinformatics. Articles in the column describe the specific programs of ISCB, highlight significant accomplishments of the communities and individuals, and provide opportunities for those who oversee the society’s activities to communicate their vision and plans.