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NGS 2018 | April 9 – 11, 2018 | Barcelona, Spain | Oral Presentations


Submission # Title Author(s)
9 A 10.000 sample overview of cancer driver events Eduard Porta
10 Predicting disease-causing variant combinations accurately Sofia Papadimitriou, Andrea Gazzo, Nassim Versbraegen, Charlotte Nachtegael, Jan Aerts, Yves Moreau, Sonia Van Dooren, Ann Nowé, Guillaume Smits and Tom Lenaerts
12 Toward decoding complete human immunome. Assemble recombined T and B cell receptor sequences across 50000 individuals Serghei Mangul, University of California, Los Angeles
Steven Schffert, Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection, Stanford University and Division of Biomedical Informatics Center Department of Medicine, Stanford University
Purvesh Khatri, Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection, Stanford University and Division of Biomedical Informatics Center Department of Medicine, Stanford University
15 Characterizing the microbiome in factory ingredient samples using metatranscriptome deep sequencing data Kristen Beck, Niina Haiminen, David Chambliss, Stefan Edlund, Mark Kunitomi, Robert Baker, Peter Markwell, Matthew Davis, Laxmi Parida, Robert Prill, Carol Huang, Nguyet Kong, Ban Kawas, Trey Marlowe, Steve Binder, Geraud Dubois, James Kaufman and Bart Weimer
17 Fast and sensitive protein sequence search, clustering and assembly tools for the analysis of massive metagenomics datasets Martin Steinegger and Johannes Soeding
20 Comprehensive sequencing of the myocilin gene in a selected cohort of primary open-angle glaucoma patients Luke O'Gorman, Angela Cree, Daniel Ward, Helen Griffiths, Jay Self, Sarah Ennis, Andrew Lotery and Jane Gibson
21 Identification and validation of novel and annotated LncRNAs in canine B-cell lymphoma by RNA-Seq Luciano Cascione, Antonella Mensi, Serena Ferraresso, Laura Marconato, Diana Giannuzzi, Francesco Bertoni, Rosalba Giugno and Luca Aresu
36 bigSCale: An Analytical Framework for Big-Scale Single-Cell Data Giovanni Iacono, Elisabetta Mereu, Amy Guillaumet-Adkins, Roser Corominas, Ivon Cuscó, Gustavo Rodríguez-Esteban, Marta Gut, Luis Alberto Pérez-Jurado, Ivo Gut and Holger Heyn
40 Study of genome evolution among traditional bakery yeasts in relation to domestication Colin Tinsley, Veronique Sarilar, Sandrine Pinos, Jacek Kominec, Chris Hittinger, Delphine Sicard and Serge Casaregola
42 Genomic characterisation and vulnerabilities of two transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils Maximilian Stammnitz, Tim Coorens, Kevin Gori, Dane Hayes, Beiyuan Fu, Tracy Wang, Daniel Martin-Herranz, Ludmil Alexandrov, Adrian Baez-Ortega, Syd Barthorpe, Alexandra Beck, Francesca Giordano, Graeme Knowles, Young Mi Kwon, George Hall, Stacey Price, Ruth Pye, Jose Tubio, Hannah Siddle, Sukhwinder Singh Sohal, Gregory Woods, Ultan McDermott, Fengtang Yang, Mathew Garnett, Zemin Ning and Elizabeth Murchison
44 A Powerful Bayesian Test for Equality of Means in High Dimensions Roger Zoh, Abhra Sarkar, Raymond J. Carroll and Bani K. Mallick
45 Single cell systems immunology of viral specific B cells and CD8+ T cells Simone Rizzetto, Auda Eltahla, David Koppstein, Mehdi Rasoli Pirozyan, Curtis Cai, Elizabeth Keoshkerian, Bing-Ru Wu, Mandeep Singh, Joanne Reed, Christopher Goodnow, Andrew Lloyd, Rowena Bull and Fabio Luciani
48 3D determinants of gene expression variability Simone Ecker, Alfonso Valencia and Vera Pancaldi
49 NGS-based resequencing and reannotation of the Trypanosoma congolense genome and trancriptome Marcin Jąkalski, Keisuke Suganuma, Yutaka Suzuki, Wojciech Makałowski, Noboru Inoue and Junya Yamagishi
52 Stratified co-morbidity networks: Inferring patient-specific comorbidities from transcriptomic data Jon Sánchez-Valle, Vera Pancaldi and Alfonso Valencia
53 Sweepstake evolution revealed by population-genetic analysis of copy-number alterations in single genomes of breast cancer Daniel A Vasco, Mamoru Kato, Ryuichi Sugino, Daichi Narushima and Alexander Krasnitz
55 Genome diversity and evolution in a transmissible cancer Adrian Baez-Ortega, Andrea Strakova, Kevin Gori and Elizabeth Murchison
56 High quality genome of a Norwegian reindeer using 10X Genomics Montserrat Torres-Oliva, Marc Höppner, Jarl Andreas Anmarkrud, Sandra May, Sören Franzenburg, Tom Hemming Karlsen and Andre Franke
58 Reference-free reconstruction and error correction of transcriptomes from Nanopore long-read sequencing Ivan de La Rubia, Joel Indi and Eduardo Eyras
61 Network-based smoothing of somatic mutations improves patient classification from sparse genetic data Luca Giudice, Shraddha  Pai, Trey Ideker, Gary Bader and Rosalba Giugno
63 GenePy: a gene score for next generation sequencing data modelling Enrico Mossotto, Benjamin MacArthur and Sarah Ennis
65 Mutated Tumor Suppressors Follow Oncogenes Profile by the Gene Hypermethylation of Partners in the Protein Interaction Networks Somnath Tagore, Rajesh Detroja and Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern
72 Corrections for asymmetry in high-throughput sequencing datasets applied to a meta-transcriptome dataset Greg Gloor, Jean Megan Macklaim and Jia Rong Wu
73 Understanding regulation of alternative splicing through RNA binding proteins Dmitry Svetlichnyy, Daria Romanovskaya and Dmitri Pervouchine
75 Measuring the mappability spectrum of reference genome assemblies Zachary Stephens and Ravishankar Iyer
77 Phenotype-driven variant prioritization significantly improves over impact and prevalence scores in a large-scale analysis of 1,963 cases of Mendelian disease diagnostics by whole-genome sequencing Francisco De La Vega, Melanie Babcock, Edward Kiruluta, Mark Yandell and Martin Reese
83 Detection of radiation-Induced alterations in the transcriptome and Exome of human gingiva fibroblasts Neetika Nath, Harry Scherthan, Tim Kacprowski, Jessica Müller, Lars R. Jensen, Lars Kaderali, Matthias Port and Andreas W. Kuss
85 Systematic pan-cancer analysis of somatic allele frequency Liam Spurr, Paula Restrepo, Mercedeh Movassagh, Nawaf Alomran, Li Muzi and Anelia Horvath
86 Weighted correlation network analysis and transcriptome dynamics during early gonadal differentiation of the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) Núria Sánchez-Baizán, Laia Ribas and Francesc Piferrer
87 Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Research: a Never-ending Battle Santiago Guerrero, Andres López-Cortés, Alberto Indacochea, Jennyfer M. García-Cárdenas, Ana Karina Zambrano, Alejandro Cabrera-Andrade, Patricia Guevara-Ramírez, Diana Abigail González, Paola E. Leone and César Paz-Y-Miño
88 LATE BREAKING SUBMISSION: Dumpster diving in RNA-sequencing to find the source of 1 trillion reads across diverse adult human tissues Serghei Mangul
91 The challenges of designing a benchmark strategy for bioinformatics pipelines in the identification of Antimicrobial Resistance determinants using next generation sequencing technologies Alexandre Angers, Mauro Petrillo and Guy Van den Eede
101 Towards novel signalling functions of mobile mRNAs Federico Apelt, Eleftheria Saplaoura, Valentina Perrera, Vincent Colot and Friedrich Kragler

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