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DREAM CHALLENGES: The 9th Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessment and Methods

Sage Bionetworks

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce the DREAM8.5 and DREAM9 Challenges.

DREAM8.5 started in late 2013 and will continue in 2014. The DREAM9 Challenges will start in early June 2014 and continue through mid-September 2014. Best performers in the DREAM8.5 Alzheimer’s Disease Big Data DREAM Challenge will be invited to present their results at the International Biomedical Commons Congress, to be held in Paris in April 2015.

Best performers in the other DREAM8.5 and DREAM9 Challenges will be invited to present at the RECOMB/ISCB Conference on Regulatory and Systems Genomics, with DREAM Challenges (November 09-14, San Diego, CA) with partial travel expenses covered by the Sage/DREAM organizers.
 Sage Bionetworks and DREAM are also working with high impact journals to ensure that the methodology developed by the Challenges' best performers will be considered for publication under the challenge-assisted peer review format.

DREAM8.5 Challenges (already ongoing)

  • The ICGC-TCGA-DREAM Somatic Mutation Calling Challenge: Predict cancer-associated mutations from whole-genome sequencing data.
  • The DREAM Rheumatoid Arthritis Responder Challenge: Predict which Rheumatoid Arthritis patients will not respond to anti-TNF therapy.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Big Data DREAM Challenge (to be started belatedly with the DREAM9 Challenges): Predict the best biomarkers for early AD-related cognitive decline and for the mismatch between high amyloid levels and cognitive decline.

DREAM9 challenges (To be launched in early June)

  • DREAM Acute Myeloid Leukemia Outcome Prediction Challenge: Predict the outcome of treatment of AML patients (resistant or remission), their remission duration and overall survival based on clinical cytogentics, known genetics markers and phosphoproteomic data.
  • The Broad-DREAM Gene Essentiality Prediction Challenge: Develop predictive models to infer genes that are essential to cancer cell viability using gene expression and/or gene copy number features. 

To sign up for a Challenge and access the data sets and descriptions of the DREAM8.5 and DREAM9 Challenges, please go to www.synapse.org/#!Challenges:DREAM

To learn more about the DREAM project and Sage Bionetworks please go to http://sagebase.org/challenges-overview/


Gustavo Stolovitzky (DREAM Conference chair)
On behalf of the DREAM8.5 and DREAM9 Challenge Organizers