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RSG with DREAM 2020 | November 16-19, 2020 |DREAM Submissions

DREAM Submissions

Call for Papers for DREAM Conference Session and Poster

The DREAM Challenges are crowdsourcing challenges examining questions in biology and medicine. The DREAM Challenges are an open science effort of crowdsourcing challenges to examine questions in biology and medicine. We are a non-profit, collaborative community effort with contributors from across the research spectrum including universities; technology companies like IBM Research; not for profits, like Sage Bionetworks; and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Since the beginning of the DREAM Challenges in 2006, we have been an innovator and leader in open science and crowdsourcing. The DREAM Challenge participants and organizers have numerous publications in top journals such as Science and Nature. Since the dawn of the DREAM Challenges, commercial crowdsourcing efforts have sprung up which utilize techniques that we pioneered.

Call for posters for DREAM Challenge Session
(we are currently accepting abstracts for posters for past DREAM Challenges)

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We are excited to have a number challenges underway and a few will be part of this year’s conference so look forward to presentations and posters from these challenge’s participants.

Follow the links for each for the challenges to go that challenge’s pages to register and participate in the challenge to present at the conference.  Presenters for papers and posters will submit abstract information for the conference through the Synapse system used for their specific DREAM challenge. 



Preterm Birth Prediction: Transcriptomics DREAM Challenge

Using whole blood gene expression data collected from pregnant women, participants will develop models to predict gestational age at blood draw and risk of preterm birth.


CTD2 Beat AML DREAM Challenge

The goal of the Beat AML DREAM Challenge is to define patient subpopulations tailored to individual treatments by discovering (genomic and transcriptomic) biomarkers of drug sensitivity, as evaluated on an unpublished cohort of patients from the BeatAML project.


CTD2 Pancancer Drug Activity DREAM Challenge

Over the last two years, the Columbia CTD2 Center developed PANACEA (Pancancer Analysis of Chemical Entity Activity), a comprehensive repertoire of dose response curves and molecular profiles representative of cellular responses to drug perturbations. PANACEA covers a broad spectrum of cellular contexts representative of poor outcome malignancies, including rare ones such as GIST sarcoma and gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs). The goal of the CTD2 Pancancer Drug Activity DREAM Challenge is to foster the development and benchmarking of algorithms to predict targets of chemotherapeutic compounds from post-treatment transcriptional data.


RA2 DREAM Challenge: Automated Scoring of Radiographic Joint Damage

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a debilitating disease that causes joint damage in the hands and feet due to inflammation. Accurate measuring of joint damage and progression of disease is essential in assessing the severity of disease, along with being able to monitor patient response to treatment. Scoring of X-ray images is tedious and there can be a great deal of variability between rheumatologists when applying scoring methods. We will leverage nearly 1000 images across a range of disease severities to challenge participants to develop an automated scoring algorithm with the goal of making clinical scoring fast and consistent; this will aid rheumatologists in making the best decisions for patients


Metadata Automation DREAM Challenge

We aim to significantly lower the burden of adding coherent metadata annotations across the data ecosystem to streamline and enable both retrospective harmonization as well as data query, discovery and interpretation. This challenge addresses this time-consuming task with automated metadata annotation of structured data.

DREAM Poster Track - The DREAM Challenges welcome poster submissions on past DREAM Challenges from groups who have done further retrospective data analysis on the Challenge data. The list of previous DREAM Challenges and links to their data is available here. We also welcome other challenge initiatives to present posters/talks at the DREAM session to share what they are doing and their experiences. We believe this conference is an opportunity to learn from one another on all aspects of the challenges of Challenges.

DREAM Posters deadline*: Sunday, November 1, 2020 or until capacity is reached
*Poster portal information will be sent on November 2nd to all approved posters. Poster and flask talk MUST be uploaded to the virtual platform NLT November 6th.

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