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Postponed until Fall 2017 | George Mason University -> Workshops


DNA Sequencing Workshop
Of Mice and Men: From DNA and Mutations to Cellular Activities and Aberrations.

How do we know what information is encoded in DNA and how this information gets synthesized into molecules that determine the inner workings of a cell? This workshop will provide students with hands-on experience on bioinformatics tools that scan DNA sequences for protein-encoding genes and then compare genomes of different species to transfer structural and functional information from characterized proteins to uncharacterized ones. Students will learn how protein structure determines function and, more importantly, get a first-hand look into advanced computational methods that are elucidating how DNA mutations percolate all the way to dysfunction and disease. The focus will be on human neurodegenerative disorders and cancer.

Galaxy Workshop
The Galaxy workshop will will introduce genomic data analysis with a differential expression example, using RNA-Seq data and the Galaxy Platform.

Forensics Workshop
The Forensic workshop will teach forensic Experiment styles while giving groups challenges to solve.