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How to Ask Scientific Questions

Bioinformatics lies at the intersection of computer science and biology, but research in any field is about a lot more than just technical knowledge. Scientific research is about asking scientific questions, and investigating them through hypotheses, experiments, and/or engineering. In this workshop, we’ll get the opportunity to learn the scientific process and learn how to come up with scientific questions that are meaningful, measurable, and practical.

Organizer: Olutoba Ojo

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Coding Problems and How to Solve Them

Research in bioinformatics is based on critical knowledge of biology as well as an understanding of the scientific process. However, programming is a major component that students with a burgeoning interest in bioinformatics should dive into right away. In this workshop, we’ll tackle several logical coding problems as a group. While the workshop will be based in Python, no prior coding experience is required – all you need is to be excited to learn!

Organizer: Darsh Mandera

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