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Introduction to Python

Python is a versatile language commonly used for computational biology. This workshop will provide an overview of a lot of common functionality in Python with no previous experience required. We will also discuss some common libraries. Participants will also have an opportunity to test their skills on some simple programming problems before moving on to some more advanced topics. We will cover basic programming concepts such as variables, functions, loops, and booleans as preparation for forming a basic understanding of machine learning concepts implemented in Python.

Organizer: Ria Talwar

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Machine Learning with Python

Machine learning has applications in many fields, including computational biology. Within this field, ML is often used in assisting in diagnosing and treating patients. It also has been applied to drug development. There are many types of machine learning models, but they can all be classified into unsupervised and supervised. For this, we will focus on supervised models. Supervised Models are ones that predict an output value(s) from inputs. Within supervised models, there are many different. types of models, such as logistic regression and neural networks.

Organizer: Ekansh Mittal

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