Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (C-SHALS) 

Invited Speakers
as of March 9, 2009
Jonas S. Almeida
Abell-Hanger Distinguished Professor
University of Texas
Houston, Texas
Presentation Title: Cancer Biomarker Research - Integrating sensitive, heterogeneous, and labile, experimental data sources with semantic core models that embed user permissions (.pdf)
Presenter: Bruce Aronow, Ph.D.
Professor of Pediatrics; Scientific Director
Center for Computational Medicine, Biomedical Informatics
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Presentation Title: Applied Diseaseomics: Can Assembly and Analysis of Disease-related Feature Networks Enable Inferential Reasoning for Causal Factors and Candidate Therapeutics?
Presenter: Dr. Philip Ashworth
Principal Research Scientist
UCB Pharma
Slough, UK
Presenter: Cool URIs for Molecules (.pdf)
Presenter: Tim Clark
Instructor in Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Director of Informatics, MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease
Core Member, Harvard Initiative in Innovative Computing
Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts
Presentation Title: Data, Community and Discourse: a Framework for Science Web 3.0
Presenter: Dr. Ranga Chandra Gudivada
Biomedical Informatics Scientist
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, IN
Presentation Title: Building a Pharmaceutical Competitive Landscape using Semantic Technologies (.pdf)
Presenter: William Loging
Director, Electronic Biology
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ridgefield, CT
Presentation Title: High-Throughput Electronic Biology
Presenter: Jaime Melendez
Merck and Co., Inc.
West Point, PA
Presentation Title: Semantic Web Technologies within Research and Development (.pdf)
Presenter: Parsa Mirhaji, MD
The Center for Biosecurity
and Public Health Informatics Research
The School of Health Information Sciences
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Houston, Texas
Presentation Title: Biomedical Language Understanding and Extraction (BLUE-Text): A Minimal Syntactic, Semantic Method
Presenter: Thomas N. Plasterer, PhD
Director, Project Planning & Data Interpretation
BG Medicine
Waltham, Massachusetts
Presentation Title: Enabling Discovery in High-Risk Plaque using Semantic Web Approaches (.pdf)
Presenter: Marco F. Ramoni, PhD
Associate Professor
Harvard Medical School
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Presentation Title: Automated Ontology Engineering (.pdf)
Presenter: Nigam Shah
Stanford University
Stanford, California
Presentation Title: Ontology Services for Semantic Application in Health and Life Sciences (.pdf)
Presenter: Ted Slater
St. Louis, Missouri
Presentation Title: Practical Knowledge Engineering for Pharmaceutical R&D (.pdf)
Presenter: Larisa Soldatova
University of Wales
Aberystwyth, UK
Presentation Title: The Formal Description of Drug Screening and Design Investigations (.pdf)
Presenter: Therese Vachon
Novartis Pharma AG
Head of Text Mining Services
Basel, Switzerland
Presentation Title: Bridging Knowledge Gaps in Drug Discovery with Semantic Technologies (.pdf)
Presenter: Dr Antony J. Williams
ChemZoo Inc.
Wake Forest, North Carolina
Presentation Title: Crowdsourcing, Collaborations and Text-Mining in a World of Open Chemistry (.pdf)