Submission Guidelines

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Papers and posters are intended to convey a scientific result that is original work, and are not advertisements for commercial software packages. Papers and posters may cover any area of computational biology, but preferably within one of the topic areas listed below:

  • Host/pathogen systems biology
  • Bioinformatics of human genetics
  • Molecular epidemiology and evolution
  • Functional, structural and comparative genomics
  • Database and resource development
  • Search and design of vaccines and drugs

All abstracts must be a maximum of 250 words (to appear in the conference booklet) and should provide at the least the following information within them: background information, approach/methods, results and conclusions (actual headings within the abstract are not necessary). For paper submissions, authors are required to submit an additional paragraph of up to 250 words stating the relevance of the work for the purpose of convincing reviewers of the scientific content/validity; these additional 250 words will not be published and are for reviewing purposes only.

PAPER submissions are now CLOSED.

POSTER submissions are now CLOSED.

LATE POSTER submission is now CLOSED.