Keynotes were presented by:

  • David Bentley (Illumina, UK)
  • Appolinaire Djikeng (BecA and ILRI, Kenya)
  • Vanessa Hayes (J. Craig Venter Institute, USA)
  • Winston Hide (Harvard, USA)
  • John Quackenbush (Harvard, USA)

A Young Researchers Forum took place:

Sat 5th March 2011

Students participating in the 2011 ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics were also welcomed to register for the Young Researchers Forum (YRF) at no extra charge. Click HERE for more information.


Preliminary Program for Main Conference CTICC

Wed 9 March 2011

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Opening Remarks and Welcome

Welcome from ISCB president

Welcome from ASBCB president

Welcome Address: Prof Sydney Brenner

Session 1a: Genomics


Chair: Manuel Corpas

10:00 Invited speaker: David Landsman (NCBI) Feature extraction from yeast genomic data

10:30 Tea/Coffee

Session 1b: African Genomics (joint session with genetics)

Chairs: Janet Kelso and Muntaser Ibrahim

11:00 Keynote: Prof Vanessa Hayes -Mapping genomes from Southern Africa, what have we learnt?

11:45 Jeff J. Using Electronic Medical Records for Genome-wide Association Studies and Admixture Mapping to Identify SNPs Associated with ECG Traits in African Americans

12:00 Chimusa E. Genome-Wide Association Study and Scan for Epistasis of TB in the South African Colored Population

12:15 Mbah A. Predicting Genetic Susceptibility to Human Schistosomiasis

12:30 Tayo B. Fine mapping association analysis of regions on chromosomes 6 and 7 with hypertension


12:45 Lunch (13:15-13:45 CLCBio Software demo)


Session 2: Bioinformatics of human genetics (joint session)

Chairs: David Landsman and Eileen Hoal

14:00 Moore J. Tools for epistasis

14:20 Ouwe M. Envisioning the future for HIV infected individuals in Africa: setting-up of a bioinformatics resource dedicated to drug resistance problems

14:35 Keildson S. Detecting gene-gene interactions in complex diseases using lasso penalized regression

14:50 Wood L. Computational identification of synonymous SNPs in the human genome and their potential role in disease

15:05 Keynote: Prof David Bentley -Translating human genome sequencing into clinical practice

15:50 Tea/coffee

16:20 ISCB/ASBCB Society Meeting

17:20 Session ends

18:00 Opening Reception: Cocktails at President Hotel, Sea Point


Thurs 10 March 2011 (NIAID Day)


Session 3a: Host and/or pathogen systems biology


Chair: Michael Tartakovsky

09:00 Keynote: Prof John Quakenbush -Network and State Space Models: Science and Science Fiction Approaches to Cell Fate Predictions

09:50 Souiai O. Protein protein interaction prediction for inter-species systems

10:10 Fatumo S. Comparative Analysis of Apicomplexan Biochemical Pathways

10:30 Tea/Coffee

Session 3b: Database and tool development


Chair: Alex Rosenthal

11:00 Ewejobi I. Qualitative and Quantitative modelling of the glycolysis pathway in Plasmodium falciparum using Petri net theory

11:20 Hazelhurst S. KABM: A novel algorithm for clustering expressed sequence tags

11:40 Megy K. Vector Genome Annotation at VectorBase

12:00 Gajoux R. Investigating gene expression deconvolution via Nonnegative Matrix Factorization


12:20 Lunch  (Poster Session I, Even numbers)


Session 4a: Molecular epidemiology and evolution


Chair: Yentram Huyen

14:00 Antunes A. Gathering Computational Genomics and Proteomics to Unravel Adaptive Evolution

14:20 Harkins G. The spread of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus from the Middle East to the world

14:40 Mntunugwa B. Investigating the Evolution of HIV-1 using the Model of Directional Selection

15:00 Wambua L. Bacterial endotoxic shock-like response during Trypanosoma congolense infection -a case of immunological mimicry?

15:20 Tea/coffee

Session 4b: Search and design of vaccines and drugs


Chair: Daniel Masiga

15:50 Travers S. A tale of two pathways: Characterising HIV resistance to treatment with CCR5 antagonists treatment

16:10 Tambunan U. Designing Cyclic Peptide Disulfide to Inhibit Interaction of Polymerase A and B1 (PAC-PB1N) in Subtype H1N1 Virus Using Molecular Docking Approach

16:30 Cloete R. In-Silico TB drug design using comparative genome analysis of DS, MDR and XDR isolates from KZN

16:50 Keynote: Dr Yentram Huyen (NIAID) -Modeling Complex Biological Systems: An Agent-Based Approach

17:40 Session ends


Fri 11 March 2011

Session 5a: Functional genomics I


Chair: Alan Christoffels

09:00 Keynote: Dr Appolinaire Djikeng -Biosciences eastern and central Africa (BecA) Hub: Genomics and metagenomics approaches for infectious diseases surveillance and pathogen discovery

09:50 Afolabi-Balogun N. Characterization of a mannose-binding Insecticidal lectin gene from Allium sativum (Garlic)

10:10 Mbah A. Developmental Expression of Genes Encoding Universal Stress Proteins in Schistosoma mansoni

10:30 Tea/Coffee

Session 5b: Functional genomics II


Chair: Ezekiel Adeyibi

11:00 Jaufeerally-Fakim Y. Features of Genomic islands from Xanthomonas species

11:20 Mazandu G. Using the underlying biological organization of the MTB functional network for protein function prediction

11:40 Phillips G. Use of High-Throughput Methods in Structural Genomics

12:00 Kwoffie S. Inferring enriched biological information from graphs composed of text-derived biomedical concepts of ontologies related to Hepatitis C Virus

12:20 Pallen. M High-throughput sequencing and clinical microbiology: progress, opportunities and challenges

12:40 Lunch and poster session II (Poster Session II, Odd numbers)


Session 6: Comparative genomics


Chair: Burkhard Rost

14:00 Obiero G. Comparative Annotation and Analysis of Protein-Coding DNA Sequences of Theileria parva Marikebuni against Theileria parva Muguga genomes

14:20 Gough J. The reference species tree of (sequenced) life

14:40 Brodzik A. A new framework for homology assessment of closely related sequences and identification of SNPs in the Bacillus anthracis genome

15:00 Invited speaker: Christine Orengo Exploiting evolution and computers to find the hidden hubs in protein networks

15:30 Tea/coffee

16:00 ISCB Outstanding Achievement Keynote Presented by: Prof Win Hide -Discovery by data integration: The collaboration meets computational biology

16:50 Session ends


17:00 Closing ceremony

Awards best poster and paper (ISCB Student Council)

Click HERE to read about Dr. Hide's Outstanding Achievement Award from ISCB.

Closing words Conference Committee


19:00 Conference Dinner: Marco’s African Place



Workshops at UWC

Monday 7 March 2011

Track 1: EBI Roadshow

  • Morning: Introduction to databases at EBI (EBI)
  • Afternoon: Sequence searching and alignment (EBI)

Track 2: EMBNET eBioKit

  • Introduction to the eBioKit + tutorial
  • Accessing Biological databases with MRS
  • Introduction to EMBOSS/wEMBOSS + tutorial

Track 3: GWAS/population Genetics

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Track 1: EBI Roadshow

  • Morning: Gene expression data analysis (EBI)
  • Afternoon: Interactions and Pathways (EBI)

Track 2: EMBNET eBioKit

  • Introduction to ENSEMBL + tutorial
  • Intro to Galaxy + tutorial

Track 3: GWAS/population Genetics