19th Annual International Conference on
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and
10th European Conference on Computational Biology

Call For Technology Track - ISMB/ECCB 2011

Technology Track Chair: Rodrigo Lopez, European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK

**Technology Track Submissions - Closed April 29,  2011

The Technology Track allow organizations to showcase their software and/or hardware relevant to the bioinformatics / molecular biology community.

Submission Schedule
October 18, 2010 Call for Technology Track Opens
April 29, 2011
Submission Deadline
May 16, 2011 Technology Track Acceptance Notification


Technology Track

To conduct a Technology Track presentation, organizations must complete the on-line sign-up form including a brief description (50 words maximum) and a one (1) page Technology Track presentation overview (PDF).

The cost to present a Technology Track at ISMB/ECCB 2011 is:

  • For profit organization: US$2000.00
  • Not for profit organization: US$400.00

Organizations receive:

  • 50 minute presentation time allotted to for profit organizations or 25 minute presentation time allotted to non profit organizations (time and date scheduled by ISMB/ECCB 2011)
  • Listing in the conference program, including presentation time in the main schedule and a 50 word summary in the conference program book
  • Listing on conference web site for overview of organizations Technology Track presentation
  • Private Technology Track presentation room
  • Audio-Visual equipment provided includes internet connection, data projector, screen, microphone (all additional equipment required will be charged at cost to the presenting organization)
  • **Does not include conference registration** Presenters must be registered to attend ISMB in order to provide a presentation.

Technology track presentations will be scheduled in either 25 or 50 minute time slots. Presenters must finish on time to allow for the set-up for the following presentation.

Presenters will be provided with a Windows-based desktop computer and Internet access. If a different operating system is required presenters should bring their own computer and contact the audiovisual team at least 24 hours before you are due to give your presentation.

If you intend to use a Windows computer provided by the conference for your Technology Track presentation, please bring a CD/Flash-drives containing any software and presentation material that needs to be loaded, or make your software and other material downloadable via the internet.

Within your time slot, you are at liberty to demonstrate your software in any way that you see fit: for example, you can combine one or more structured talks with live demos and question-and-answer sessions. Authors should provide handouts for attendees.

Major sponsors will be given precedence for Technology Track presentation time slots.

Acceptance and Confirmation
All submissions will reviewed by the Technology Track selection committee and notification of acceptance will be forwarded no later than May 16, 2011. Technology Track presenters will be contacted by ISMB/ECCB 2011 regarding presentation acceptance, Technology Track schedule, logistics and payment. Payment should not be made until organizations receive notification of acceptance.

For information on Technology Tracks contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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