Friday, December 10, 2004
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM Registration
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Education Panel Discussion
4:30 PM – 5:15 PM

Keynote: Is Blue Gene a System for Computational Biology?
Presenter: Kirk Jordan, IBM

5:15 PM – 7:30 PM Opening Reception and Poster Session A
Saturday, December 11, 2004
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Registration
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Keynote: HyBrow - A Prototype System for Computer Aided Hypothesis Evaluation
Presenter: Stephen Racuans and Nigam Shah, Penn State University

9:45 AM – 9:55AM

10 minute presentation: Neighbor-Joining: Better, Faster, Cheaper
Presenter: Jason Evans, University of Idaho
Authors: Jason Evans, Luke Sheneman, James Foster

9:55 AM – 10:05AM

10 minute presentation: Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Functional Network Analysis by Global Subcellular Protein Profiling
Presenter: Christian V. Forst, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Authors: Kwasi G. Mawuenyega, Christian V. Forst, Karen M. Dobos, John T. Belisle, Jin Chen, E. Morton Bradbury, Andrew R. M. Bradbury, and Xian Chen

10:05 AM – 10:15AM

10 minute presentation: Identification of Distinct Modular Cis-regulatory Organization in the Proximal Promoter Regions of Differentially Expressed Genes
Presenter: Razvan Lapadat, UCHSC
Authors: Razvan Lapadat, Lawrence Hunter, Imran Shah, and Boris Tabakoff

10:15 AM – 10:25AM

10 minute presentation: Power Law Rank-abundance Relationships in Marine Phage Populations
Presenter: Peter Salamon, San Diego State University

Authors: P. Salamon, K. H. Hoffmann, B. Rodriguez-Brito, M. Breitbart, D. Bangor, F. Angly, B. Felts, J. Nulton, F. Rohwer

10:25 AM – 10:45 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM – 10:55AM

10 minute presentation: On the Trail of Rapid, Automated, NMR Resonance Assignment: A Step in the Right Direction
Presenter: Norma H. Pawley, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Authors: Norma H. Pawley, Jason D. Gans, Ryszard Michalczyk

10:55 AM – 11:05AM

10 minute presentation: An Algorithm for Clustering Noisy Temporal Gene Expression Data
Presenter: Stephen Billups, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
Authors: Stephen Billups, Zach Fiorelli, Michael Rudolph, Pepper Schedin, Margaret C. Neville

11:05 AM – 11:15AM

10 minute presentation: Text Mining of Full Text Articles and Creation of a Knowledge Base for Analysis of Microarray Data
Presenter: Eric Bremer, Children's Memorial Hospital
Authors: Eric Bremer, Jeyakumar Natarajan, Yonghong Zhang, and Catherine DeSesa

11:15 AM – 11:25AM

10 minute presentation: Maximum Sequence Alignment Fails To Predict Off-targeted Gene Regulation by RNAi
Presenter: Amanda Birmingham, Dharmacon, Inc.
Authors: Amanda Birmingham, Emily M. Anderson, William S. Marshall, Anastasia Khvorova

11:25 AM – 11:35AM

10 minute presentation: Probabilistic Representation of Gene Regulatory Networks
Presenter: Haluk Resat, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Authors: Haluk Resat and Linyong Mao

11:35 AM – 11:45AM

10 minute presentation: A Survey of Hidden Markov Model Databases
Presenter: Martin Gollery, University of Nevada, Reno
Authors: Martin Gollery

11:45AM – 11:55AM

10 minute presentation: A Combinatorial Approach to Clustering Gene Expression Data
Presenter: Brendan Mumey, Montana State University
Authors: Brendan Mumey, Louise Showe and Michael Showe

11:55 AM – 12:05PM

10 minute presentation: A Technique for Accelerating Biomolecular Conformational Free Energy Calculations by the use of Reflective Confining Hypersurfaces
Presenter: John K. Prentice, Wild Rose Biophysics
Authors: John D. Chodera, John K. Prentice, Ken A. Dill

12:05 PM – 1:05 PM Luncheon Presentation by Apple - Apple Solutions for Bioinformatics
Presenter: Bodhi Gerfen, Apple Education
1:05 PM – 4:00 PM Ski and Social Break
4:00 PM – 4:30PM

Hot drinks and snacks

4:30 PM – 5:15PM

Keynote: Challenges in Improved Sensitivity of Quantification of PET Data for Alzheimer's Disease Studies
Presenter: Rosemary Renaut, Arizona State University
Authors: Rosemary A. Renaut and Hongbin Guo

5:15 PM – 5:25PM

10 minute presentation: Discovering Activated Regulatory Networks in the DNA Damage Response Pathways of Yeast
Presenter: Chris Workman, UC San Diego
Authors: Chris Workman, Scott McCuine, Craig Mak, Trey Ideker

5:25 PM – 5:35PM

10 minute presentation: Evidence for Familial Predisposition to Death from Influenza in the Utah Population
Presenter: Lisa A Cannon Albright, Univ of Utah School of Medicine
Authors: F.S. Albright, P.L. Orlando, L.A. Cannon Albright

5:35 PM – 5:45PM

10 minute presentation: Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia Gene Expression Profiles and Chromosome 6 Aberration
Presenter: Seungchan Kim, TGen
Authors: Tae-Hoon Chung, Tammy Price-Troska, Ruifang Xu, Irene Ghobrial, Philip R Greipp, Vincent Rajkumar, Morie A Gertz, Scott A Van Wier, Gregory J Ahmann, Angela Baker, John Carpten, Rafael Fonseca, Seungchan Kim

5:45 PM – 5:55PM

10 minute presentation: Data Assessment and Function Prediction Using Inaccurate Network Data
Presenter: Debra S. Goldberg, Harvard Medical School

Authors: Debra S. Goldberg, Hui Ge, Kristin C. Gunsalus, Giovanni Franklin, Fabio Piano, Marc Vidal, Frederick P. Roth

5:55 PM – 6:05PM

10 minute presentation: An Apomorph/Maximum Parsimony Method for Characterizing the Signature of Stage I Ovarian Cancer in Serum Protein Mass Spectra
Presenter: Jack K. Horner, Science Applications International Corporation
Authors: Jack K. Horner

6:05 PM – 7:30PM

Reception and Poster Session B

7:30 PM – 10:00PM

Dinner at Krabloonik Restaurant Snowmass

Sunday, December 12, 2004
9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Keynote: The Differential Dielectric Model: A New View of Protein Folding
Presenter: David Osguthorpe, University of Colorado

9:45 AM – 9:55 AM

10 minute presentation: GO Molecular Function Terms are Predictive of Subcellular Localization
Presenter: Zhiyong Lu, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Authors: Zhiyong Lu and Larry Hunter

9:55 AM – 10:05 AM

10 minute presentation: Measuring Migration of Flow Cytometry Data
Presenter: Todd A. Gibson, Univ. of Colo. at Denver and Health Sciences Center
Authors: Todd A. Gibson

10:05 AM – 10:15 AM

10 minute presentation: Exzyme | Challenges in Predicting Metabolism
Presenter: Dan McShan, UCHSC
Authors: D.C. McShan

10:25 AM – 10:35 AM

10 minute presentation: Predicting Protein Function Using Nearest Neighbor Categorization
Presenter: Judith Cohn, Los Alamos National Lab
Authors: Judith Cohn, Karin Verspoor, Sue Mniszewski, Cliff Joslyn

10:35 AM – 10:45 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM – 10:55 AM

10 minute presentation: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (and Student Research Opportunities for Same)
Presenter: Ronald Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Authors: Ronald Taylor

10:55 AM – 11:05 AM

10 minute presentation: An Old Dog has Learned a New Trick: Cot Curves Yield Improved Estimates of Bacterial Diversity
Presenter: Jason Gans, Los Alamos National Lab
Authors: Jason Gans, Murray Wolinsky, John Dunbar

11:05 AM – 11:15 AM

10 minute presentation: Identification of Amino Acid Determinants of Isozyme Specificity
Presenter: Hugh B. Nicholas Jr., Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Authors: Hugh B. Nicholas Jr.

11:15 AM – 11:25 AM

10 minute presentation: A Scalable Computer Architecture and Algorithm for Sequence Alignment
Presenter: Donald Cooley, Utah State University

Authors: Bin Wang, Donald Cooley

11:25 AM – 11:35 AM

10 minute presentation: Bayesian Variable Selection in Multinomial Probit Models to Identify Molecular Signatures of Disease Stage
Presenter: Naijun Sha, University of Texas at El Paso
Authors: N. Sha, M.Vannucci, M.G.Mahlet, P.J.Brown, I.Dragoni, N.Davies, T.C.Roberts, A.Contestabile, M.Salmon,C.Buckley, F.Falciani

11:35 AM – 11:45 AM

Title coming, Presenter: Chagwon Yoo, Authors coming, abstract

11:45 AM – 12:30 PM

Keynote: Biognostic Language Processing: Building a knowledge-base via automated reading of the biomedical literature.
Presenter: Lawrence Hunter, University of Colorado School of Medicine

12:30 PM