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Presenter Information

All presentations for GLBIO 2023 will present live regardless if you are participating in-person  or virtually. We expect all presenters will be in-person, but those unable to travel due to visa restrictions or a positive COVID test will be presented live through the conference platform and streamed into the presentation room.

As you plan your participation as a presenter please find below details to assist you with your specific presentation type at the conference:

  1. How to Join the Session as a Virtual Speaker
  2. Key Dates Regarding Your Presentation
  3. Extension Requests
  4. In-person talk computer details
  5. Live Talks and Pre-recorded videos for the platform library
  6. Poster Presentation
  7. Recorded Presentation Guidelines for Virtual Events
  8. Live Presentation Guidelines for Virtual Events
  9. How to record a PowerPoint Presentation
  10. Hybrid Conference Optimal Conditions
  11. Tutorial Video - Uploading your Talk
  12. Tutorial Video - Uploading your Poster

You can also find additional resources and recordings of training sessions held for speakers and moderators here:  https://help.junolive.com/support/Live-sessions-how-to-for-speakers-and-moderators.580911105.html 

You can attend a live training session held at regular times every week, in a Zoom conference room. Choose a day and time that work best for you. It will be recorded so you can rewatch it later. Details available here:

How to Join the Session as a Virtual Speaker

To join the session:

  • log in to the GLBIO virtual platform (link available closer to the event) using the email with which you registered for the conference.
    • It is important that you use the same email as permissions on the virtual site are tied to your email
  • Once logged in navigate to your talk
    • There are multiple paths to your talk, for example searching through the Scientific Programme or via your profile page
  • Normally, clicking on your talk will bring up the details about your talk.  30 minutes before the session where your talk is scheduled, that link will instead take you to the video conferencing system.  This is why the email permissions are important

We ask that you join as early as you are able within the 30 minute window to provide ample time to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

NOTE: sharing the screen with the virtual audience means presenter mode cannot be used.

If you need assistance joining the room there is a help chat available that will attempt to troubleshoot and connect you to live assistance.  You can also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Key Dates Regarding Your Presentation
April 28, 2023 Presenters to have completed release forms, confirmation of participation
April 28, 2023 Presenting Authors and Poster Authors registration to be completed
May 2, 2023
Poster presentation videos uploaded to conference platform to be part of pre-conference posterpalooza. Videos should be recorded in 720p - 1080p and there is no limit on video file size.  
May 9, 2023
Speaker to upload videos through delegate profile on conference platform.  Videos become part of the conference library. 
Presentations not uploaded in advance will not be guaranteed to be part of the conference on-demand library.
Videos should be recorded in 720p - 1080p and there is no limit on video file size.
May 9, 2023
Poster presentation videos and details uploaded through accepted poster delegate profile on conference platform. Videos should be recorded in 720p - 1080p and there is no limit on video file size.  
Extension Requests

Every file that's uploaded needs to be processed, with posters having a pdf and video to process, this generates a large number of files very quickly. This takes a substantial amount of time on top of traveling to the conference, setting up the venue, coordinating volunteers, opening the virtual platform, troubleshooting attendees who try to access said platform, printing delegate name tags, preparing opening slides, identifying dietary requirements, running tutorials held before the conference starts, processing recordings from those tutorials that have completed, answering questions from delegates who are arriving in person, and continuing day to day upkeep for the society. This list is only a fraction of all the duties required for a successful conference. The deadlines don't exist in a vacuum, which is why they are broadcast as early and as often as they are, and so deadline extensions cannot be granted.

Submitting files after the deadlines may be possible through the virtual platform, but it cannot be guaranteed that staff will have time to process the files and make them available on the virtual platform.

In-person talk computer details

For those presenting live at McGill University in Montreal please note you must use the supplied computer due to the connection process with the JUNO virtual platform used for GLBIO 2023. You should pre-load your presentation on the in-room computer prior to your event.  

Computer Specifications:

  • All laptops will run Microsoft Windows 10 and include PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Office.
  • All laptops will have Microsoft Office/PowerPoint 2016. There should be no compatibility issues for presentations created with PowerPoint 2019 or 2021.
  • If Video will be a part of your presentation, it is highly recommended for it to be inserted using the “Video on my PC” option within PowerPoint. Save/include the video file included in the same folder as your presentation. It is not recommended to use the “Online Video” option.
  • Custom/non-standard Windows fonts are not recommended or supported. If utilized, ensure that the font(s) are fully embedded within your presentation file for best results.
  • Apple Keynote and Google Slides are not supported.
  • Slide size should be set to “Widescreen (16:9)” within PowerPoint (this is the default).
  • Projector Information: 16:9 Aspect Ratio / 1920x1080 resolution. Screen size will vary depending upon the room.
Live Talks and Pre-recorded videos for the Content Library

All presenters are required to provide a pre-recorded talk for the virtual platform library in advance of the conference. The pre-recorded talk will be available shortly after the live presentation to provide faster and more seamless access to the conference content for virtual participants.

All poster presenters, including those presenting live in Montreal, will upload a short 5-7 minute video to the virtual conference platform site no later than May 2, 2023 to be included in the pre-conference posterpalooza.  If the recording is not submitted by then, it, along with a PDF of the poster, may be uploaded no later than May 9, 2023 to be included on the virtual platform. The video is part of the video library and all registered delegates will be able to view their poster through the conference platform. Videos should be recorded in 720p - 1080p and there is no limit on video file size. 

Pre-recorded talks for the platform library should be prepared ensuring you upload an .mp4 file. Videos should be recorded in 720p - 1080p and there is no limit on video file size.  Presenters of talks and posters will upload their recordings directly through the conference platform site after logging in as a registrant. Don't forget you need to be registered no later than April 28, 2023.

PLEASE note once submitted your video CANNOT be updated.

• Save your presentation as an .mp4 file starting with your Easychair submission number (if applicable), followed by presenters last name, first name, and designated track, if applicable (e.g. 146JonesCareyRSG).
• If you are presenting a poster in addition to a talk you must prepare a second video for the poster as the allowed time is shorter (5-7 minutes). See the poster instructions below.
• Recording may or may not include the presenter in the recording, this is at the presenter's discretion. Should the presenter elect to appear on camera in your recording, we suggest you wear the same outfit the day of your presentation.
• Ensure you prepare your talk based on the length of time specified within the acceptance notification :

  • Poster: 5-7 minutes
  • Talk: 10-12 minutes

The following links can be of assistance for planning your presentation(s):

• We suggest that if you are including a visual image of yourself in the recording you consider wearing the same outfit for the live Q&A.
• Turn on live captions using the Google Chrome browser. Download Chrome here if you haven’t already. Remember, you’ll always need to access the event website in Chrome for these captions to work. https://help.junolive.com/attendees/turn-on-live-captions

Poster Presentations

Presenters of a poster presentation at GLBIO 2023 will upload your poster and video via the conference platform between Dates TBD with the following:

  • Presentation abstract
  • PDF of your poster
  • 5 to 7 minute poster presentation talk as .mp4 file (Maximum 7 minutes)
  • Videos should be recorded in 720p - 1080p and there is no limit on video file size.

Specific instructions for uploading your poster files will be emailed to the poster presenters from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  To ensure you receive these emails, we recommend you whitelist this email address.

Poster presenters will be able to:

  • direct message with attendees
  • Q&A via public comments as well as live flash poster talks

Some helpful tips on planning your recorded talk are available below.

Presenting your poster in a lighting style format using the PechaKucha or Ignite talks presentation style or a single slide or PDF is an option for presenters.

Here is an example of a presentation: https://youtu.be/rbLbb7eOao8

In-Person Poster Hall: When preparing accepted posters please note that your printed poster should not exceed the following dimensions: 46 inches wide by 46 inches high. There will be 1or 2 poster per side on the each poster board.  Additionally, we ask that you also follow the Virtual Poster Hall information below in addition to your in-person presentation. This ensures all posters are viewable to both in-person and virtual attendees thus providing more exposure to your work.

Virtual Poster Hall: When preparing accepted posters please note that your poster will need to be uploaded via the virtual platform portal in two formats - a PDF of the poster and a 5-7 minute flash talk video. Poster portal information will be sent to all approved posters closer to the conference and after the notification deadline. All presentations MUST be uploaded no later than May 2 to be included in the pre-conference posterpalooza, and no later than May 9 to be added to the virtual platform. More specific dates will be given closer to the conference.

*Late Breaking posters will have a very short turn-around.

Recorded Presentation Guidelines for Virtual Events

Download Guidelines

Live Presentation Guidelines for Virtual Events

Download Guidelines

How to Record a Powerpoint Presentation

How to record a power point presentation

Hybrid Conference Optimal Conditions

For the best experience please consider the following in preparation of the conference:

  • Preferred browser is Chrome
  • Hardwire your computer vs WiFi
  • Turnoff other browsers, background programs and eliminate other internet devices being used if possible
Tutorial Video - Uploading your Talk

Tutorial Video - Uploading your Poster

The tutorial to upload your posters can be viewed here.  Note that to access the tutorial you must be registered for the conference.