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Volume 7, Issue 2

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ISCB Student Council Update: Inaugural Group Building the Foundation for Long Term Success

The inaugural group of the ISCB Student Council was selected in March based on applications submitted by student and post doc/trainee members of the Society. In all, 21 members make up the inaugural council, whose job it is to propose a mission statement, outline strategic priorities, and present a general action plan to the ISCB Board of Directors during ISMB/ECCB 2004 in Scotland this August for final approval of the Student Council and its role within the larger Society. The Student Council will then hold a meeting during ISMB/ECCB where membership will be open to all student/trainee members interested in getting involved and creating a strong voice for the young scientists of our community (and future leaders of the ISCB!).

Manuel Corpas, whose idea it first was to start a Student Council of the ISCB, is leading the inaugural team through their various tasks. Having agreed on a draft mission statement, the council members have now divided up into five groups to address the specific areas of concern and outline a plan of activities to address them. They are…

OPERATIONS: internal issues related to the organisation, decision making and administration of the council

  • Jana T.R.Janarththanan, Group Leader
  • Amandeep S. Sidhu
  • Annie Chiang
  • John W. Pinney

MARKETING: strategies to let our community know about and get active in the council.

  • Shwetal Patel, Group Leader
  • Shailesh Date
  • Shaun Mahony
  • Lan Zhang

EVENTS: opportunities for council activities at existing conferences and workshops, or possible stand alone activities with invited speakers

  • Sarath Chandra Janga, Group Leader
  • Michael Sierk
  • Toni Gavaldon
  • Michael Hoffman

BUSINESS RELATIONS: affiliation with industry, recruiting important contacts in organisations, fundraising for council activities and services

  • Kyle Jensen, Group Leader
  • Thomas M. Smith
  • Robert Park
  • Rebecca Lynn Luzcando

OUTREACH: identify opportunities such as course availability, internships, and jobs

  • Amonida Zadissa
  • Shweta Bansal
  • Debra Goldberg
  • Nandita Mullapudi

During the recent RECOMB conference in San Diego, Manuel Corpas met with ISCB’s Executive Officer and various members of the Board of Directors, including current and immediate past presidents, Michael Gribskov and Philip Bourne, respectively, to discuss the development of this council and gather feedback from the initial steps that have been taken. To say the least, the general consensus was that this inaugural group of Student Council members is incredibly enthusiastic about the task they have undertaken, and their efforts and initial ideas are very promising for the future success of a long term Student Council that will effectively serve the unique needs of our student and young scientist community.

If you are planning to attend ISMB/ECCB 2004 in Glasgow this July/August (see related articles in this newsletter), and getting involved in the Student Council is of interest to you, please be sure to find the meeting on the detailed conference agenda (available soon) and mark it on your calendar. It will be one meeting no student or post doc at the conference should miss!