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ISCB Call for Board and Officer Nominations
By Dietlind Gerloff
ISCB Nominations Committee Chair

The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) is encouraging members to put forward nominees for members of the Board of Directors and for the Officer positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary by submitting nominations to http://www.iscb.org/nominate.php

If you know of excellent candidates, or if you are personally interested in serving as a Board member or as an Officer, and meet the eligibility requirements below, please be sure to submit your nominations right away.

  • In order to be eligible to be a Board candidate, a person must be or become an ISCB member in good standing no later than June 18, 2004; Officer candidates must have been a member of the ISCB Board of Directors for at least one year, either with the current or a previous Board (*see list at bottom of this email of all eligible Officer candidates).
  • All Board candidates must pledge to make every reasonable effort to attend the semi-monthly Board teleconference and the annual Board of Directors meeting (normally held at the ISMB conference) at their own expense through completion of the three year Board term in January 2008.
  • Officer candidates must also pledge to make every reasonable effort to attend the monthly Executive Committee teleconference beginning with a training period in October 2004 through completion of the two year Officer term in January 2007.

The online nomination form requires the name, affiliation, and e-mail address of the person being nominated, along with an assurance that the indicated person meets the qualifications and is willing to stand for election for the position in question. The nomination must also include a few sentences of justification that makes the strongest case possible for the person being nominated.

Nominations will be accepted through June 18, and elections of Board members will take place during the annual ISCB Board of Directors meeting on July 30, with elections of Officers scheduled to begin September 22 by a vote of the membership at large.

Elected Board members and Officers will take office on January 21, 2005. Board members will serve three year terms and elected Officers will serve two year terms, plus one additional year on the Board of Directors.

We are looking forward to an active participation by the ISCB membership in the election process, and thank you in advance for your qualified nominations.* The following lists eligible Candidates for ISCB Officer positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary (only officer positions require current or previous Board service; all members are eligible to run for a seat on the Board of Directors):

CURRENT 2004 Board of Directors:

Last Name First Name BoD Term Ends Remarks
Altman Russ Jan. 21, 2005 President 6/2000-1/2002
Bourne Philip Jan. 21, 2006 Secretary 1/2001-1/2002
President 1/2002-1/2003
Brenner Steven Jan. 21, 2006
Brunak Soren Jan. 21, 2005
Bryant Barbara Jan. 21, 2006 Secretary 1/2002-1/2005
Casadio Rita Jan. 21, 2006
Gerloff Dietlind Jan. 21, 2007
Gribskov Michael Jan. 21, 2008 VP 1/2002-1/2003; President 1/2003-1/2007
Guigo Roderic Jan. 21, 2006
Hide Winston Jan. 21, 2005
Hunter Larry Jan. 21, 2007 President 1999-2000
Karp Peter Jan. 21, 2005
Kazic Toni Jan. 21, 2005
Klein Teri Jan. 21, 2005 Treasurer 6/2000-1/2002
Linial Michal Jan. 21, 2007
Miyano Satoru Jan. 21, 2007
Neshich Goran Jan. 21, 2006
Ranganathan Shoba Jan. 21, 2006
Rocke David Jan. 21, 2006 Treasurer 1/2002-1/2005
Rost Burkhard Jan. 21, 2006
Safer Hershel Jan. 21, 2007
Tramontano Anna Jan. 21, 2006 VP 1/2002-1/2005
Valencia Alfonso Jan. 21, 2005 VP 2000-1/2002
Warnow Tandy Jan. 21, 2005
Waterman Mike Jan. 21, 2005


Last Name First Name Term Ended Remarks
Agarwal Pankaj 1998
Brutlag Douglas 1999
Clark Dominic 2000
Collado-Vides Julio 2002
Dunker Keith 2001
Gaasterland Terry 2004 Secretary 1999-2000
Glasgow Janice 2000
Higgins Desmond 2002
Istrail Sorin 2001
Kanehisa Minoru 2004
Kiyoshi Asai 1999
Kolker Eugene 2000
Krogh Anders 2002
Lathrop Rick 1998 Treasurer 1997-1998
Lengauer Thomas 2002 Vice President 1999-2000
Myers Gene 2001
Ouzounis Christos 1999
Pevzner Pavel 2001
Rawlings Christopher 2001 Vice President 1998-1999
Sander Chris 1998
Searls David 1999
Shavlik Jude 1998
Slonim Donna 2004
Smith Randy 1998
States David 2004 Treasurer 1998-2000
Stormo Gary 2004
Tomita Masaru 2004
Von Heijne Gunnar 2002
Wodak Shoshana 1998
Wu Cathy 2004