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ISMB 2006:
Come for the Science, Stay for the Beauty of Brazil

The ISMB 2006, to be held from August 6th to 10th in Fortaleza, in the state of Ceara, Brazil, will feature three major additions as compared to all earlier ISMB conferences.

1. For the first time we plan to offer a Nobel Laureate keynote address each
conference day. In addition, the most prominent scientists in the area of Molecular Biology and its Computational branches will be addressing the audience in what is known as the World's Largest Bioinformatics Conference.

2. For the first time the ISMB Conference will be held in a tropical country rich in tourist destinations. Consequently, delightful opportunities abound for the participants to enjoy tropical flavors before and after our scientific encounters.

3. SwissProt will be celebrating 20 years since their services were initiated and are putting together a special celebrative event immediately before the ISMB, making Fortaleza the World's Capital of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology for 12 whole days.

Few countries are able to offer as great a variety of tourist options as Brazil. With a land mass the size of a continent - more than 8 million km2 - the nation is fifth largest in the world, exceeded only by Russia, Canada, the USA and China, occupying almost half of South America. The distances from north to south and from east to west are greater than from New York to Los Angeles and from Moscow to Lisbon. Intersected to the north by the Equator and to the south-east by the Tropic of Capricorn, Brazil covers an area equivalent to 16 Frances, 23 Germanys or 23 Italy's.

Brazil embraces contrasting ecosystems such as the Amazon and Atlantic Forests with their incredibly luxuriant woodlands, the Cerrado (scrublands) and the Caatinga (arid lands) with unusually twisted trees and landscape that changes radically according to the seasons, the Pantanal (marshland) with its flood plains teeming with an amazingly rich chain of animal reproduction. But dwarfing all other features of this huge country is the world's greatest rain forest, the Amazon, with its river basin holding one-fifth of all the freshwater on earth.

Today Brazil is South America's leading economic power and a regional leader. Brazil is expanding its presence in world markets by being the largest exporter of coffee, soybean, sugarcane, orange juice, poultry, beef, minerals for iron and other metals, small passenger airplanes, and recently of agriculture related genomes, software and many other industrial items.

For hundreds of years, Brazil has symbolized the great escape into a primordial, tropical paradise, igniting the Western imagination like no other South American country. From the mad passion of the world's biggest party, the Rio Carnival, to the immensity of the Amazon, it is a country of mythic proportions and staggering beauty, with stretches of unexplored rainforest, pristine tropical beaches, and endless rivers.

Commit to ISMB 2006 today, and be sure to plan some extra time to explore and enjoy all Brazil has to offer you. Visit www.iscb.org/ismb2006/ for all conference news and updates.