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Mark your calendars for Thursday February 11, 2021!
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February 11, 2021 -  Responsibilities for the Stewardship of Indigenous Data in Open Science by Stephanie Russo Carroll, University of Arizona.  Hosted by ISCB

As big data, open data, and open science advance to increase access to complex and large datasets for innovation, discovery, and decision-making, Indigenous Peoples’ rights to control and access their data within these data environments remain limited. Indigenous Data Sovereignty focuses on the protection of Indigenous rights and interests in the control and governance of Indigenous data. Indigenous data interests stretch across diverse disciplinary fields connecting community data governance ambitions with institutional and individual responsibilities in practice. Given this reach, a range of initiatives have been developed to strategically build new capabilities for strengthening control and governance of Indigenous data. These initiatives draw on a variety of methods and tactics across law, policy, ethics, and infrastructure. Applying these new tools and mechanisms in open science shifts Indigenous Peoples from invisibility within data ecosystems to vibrant contributors to open science.

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The International Society for Computational Biology

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