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Day 6 - Conference Highlights & Things to Know



Friday, July 30: Highlights & Reminders

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11:00 UTC: COSI Tracks: MLCSB, CAMDA, BioInfo Core, VarI, BOSC, SysMod, iRNA
11:00 UTC: Covid-19 Special Track & Panel: This panel will compare different models to access, share and protect COVID-19 data, evaluate their advantages, limitations and complementarity to prevent and control pandemics.
11:00 UTC: Special Session: Single Cell and Spatial Data Analysis
11:00 UTC: Technology Track:

Phyre2 and Missense3D: Protein structure prediction and missense variant analysis
Using CATH-Gene3D v4.3 and its resources to predict the structure and function of novel protein sequences
DeepChain: A platform for protein design
Developing a reusable and versatile virtual bioinformatics training platform in the de.NBI cloud
The EMBL-EBI search and sequence analysis tools APIs and their role during the current COVID-19 pandemic
The European COVID-19 Data Portal – Accelerating COVID-19 Research through Open Data Sharing
PerMedCoE: A roadmap to scalability in Personalized Medicine
The GenePattern Notebook Environment
Integrated Pathway/Genome/Omics Informatics in Pathway Tools and BioCyc GenePattern Notebook Environment

15:20 UTC: ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award Keynote: Peer Bork

16:20 UTC: Awards and Closing Ceremony

Exhibitor Spotlight:

PerMedCoE Demo Presentations:

Track Content:
A Roadmap to Scalability in Personalised Medicine, by José Carbonell
HPC-enabled multiscale simulation to uncover mechanistic insights in the COVID-19 infection
PerMedCoE Building Blocks, by Henrik Nortamo
PerMedCoE Building Blocks & Workflows design, by Javier Conejero
PhysiCell-MPI / PhysiCell-X, by Gaurav Saxena
Multiscale modeling with PhysiBoSS, by Vincent Noël
COBREXA.jl: Metabolic Modeling on HPC, by Miroslav Kratochvil
CellNOpt / CARNIVAL, by Bartosz Bartmanski
The PerMedCoE Competency Framework, by Marta Lloret-Llinares
PerMedCoE Training Activities, by Daniel Thomas López

EMBL-EBI Demo Presentations:
Track Content:
Bioinformatics training: Curated course collections and new training materials
New EMBL-EBI training website and upgraded online tutorials


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