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Senior Member Designation

ISCB Introduces Senior Member Designation

We are proud to offer the ISCB Senior Members designation.  The Senior Members designation is a testament to the commitment and expertise of those who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to ISCB and our community. Through their years of support, service, and leadership, these individuals have shown unwavering dedication to our mission and values. Becoming a Senior Member is a significant milestone and represents one of the highest levels of recognition within our organization as a successful candidate demonstrates sustained contributions to the field and ISCB.

Criteria for the Elevation of Senior member Status:

1.    Five or more years of continuous professional membership in ISCB at the time of nomination.
2.    Ten years of professional experience in the field.*
3.    Demonstrated sustained professional performance.**

* The ten-year period begins in the year of earning doctoral degree or its equivalent. Candidates with pre-doctoral degrees can use five years of additional professional experience as a substitute for doctoral degree.

** The successful candidate for Senior ISCB Member demonstrates sustained professional performance (in a teaching, research, or development capacity in the field of computational biology) by securing three endorsements from eligible ISCB members. Eligible endorsers are professional ISCB members in good standing from the following groups: ISCB Fellows, current and past ISCB Board of Directors members, and Senior ISCB Members.

Initiating Senior Member Status:
An ISCB professional member can self-nominate via an online form for elevation to senior member status or be nominated by any of the eligible endorsers. After the ISCB staff verifies that a candidate meets the first criteria, all endorsers are given an opportunity to endorse the candidate.  Each eligible candidate securing three or more endorsements (excluding self) will be elevated to the status of senior member. As the endorsers are not required to participate in voting, senior member candidates are encouraged to contact a small number of eligible endorsers to secure their support through personal interaction.

Maintaining and Re-establishing the Senior Member Status:
The senior ISCB member must remain in good standing to retain his or her status. If good standing is not maintained, the senior member status becomes invalid. Senior member status is automatically re-established when the member returns to good standing.  However, if a senior member has more than a one-year lapse in membership and returns to good standing, he/she will not receive the 10% registration discount to ISCB official conferences unless he/she remains in good standing for two-consecutive years.

Benefits to Senior Member Status:
As a Senior Member of the Society, members enjoy
•    Recognition on the ISCB website featuring our Senior Members
•    Special recognition ribbons at ISCB official conferences
•    Opportunity to be selected for keynote speaking positions, important steering committees, and other leadership roles
•    Annual 10% registration discount off the early member rate for a select ISCB official conference of choice
•    Special ISCB Senior Member logo for website and CV

Nominations for ISCB Senior Members are open (click here).  Members who pre-qualify (have 5-years of consecutive membership) for the designation will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the form.  To check your membership status or learn more, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.