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NGS 2017 | April 3 – 5, 2017 | Barcelona, Spain |SUBMIT A WORKSHOP TUTORIAL


Deadline has passed.  Conference workshops will be announces soon.

This call is an open invitation to scientists and professionals working in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology, specifically high-throughput sequencing to address questions in structural variation and population genomics, to submit high quality proposals for tutorials at NGS 2017.

The tutorial program provides participants with lectures and instruction covering either well-established technologies/analyses or new "cutting-edge" topics, relevant to the computational analysis of high-throughput sequence data. The sessions also offer participants an opportunity to get an introduction to important established topics, to learn about new areas of research, or to develop advanced skills in areas about which they are already knowledgeable.

Tutorials may include any form of presentation such as talks, panel discussions or hands-on training. They serve an educational function and are expected to provide a balanced perspective on a field of research. They should not focus on the presenters' own research or software, unless balanced with other tools in the same domain. Sessions on broadly used bioinformatics tools (UCSC, Galaxy, Cytoscape, etc.) will be considered.

Please note that if you wish to focus your talk on a specific software package less widely used, your proposal should be submitted to the Technology Track. These presentations do not fall under this Call for proposals.

Sessions should be designed as half-day (four hour) or full-day (8 hours) sessions. (A 30-minute break is scheduled for morning and afternoon). Only proposals providing either:

• Direct practical, hands-on application of the subject matter; or
• Bringing together people with common interest for discussion
will be considered for acceptance.

Proposals should be submitted by 15 January 2017. Proposals should not exceed a maximum of 4 pages, and must include a detailed description of the session content. You will be asked during the submission process to provide a description of the session that can be used to promote it to delegates. Examples from past tutorials offered at ISCB conferences can be found at: 2013 and 2014,

Proposals should contain the following information:

▶ Title

▶ Goals, objectives and motivation of the session

▶ Detailed outline of the session agenda

▪ Please adhere to the page limit, but provide sufficient information for a thorough evaluation to be made.

▶ Intended audience and level
▪ It should be clearly and precisely indicated at whom the session is aimed, and at which level it would be taught with respect to the different underlying scientific fields. In particular if any background (biology, algorithmics, statistics, etc) is expected, this should be very precisely described.
▪ Where appropriate, indicate whether the material is considered Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced.
▪ Please indicate whether attendance should be restricted to limited number of participants

▶ Organizers & Presenters (where appropriate)
▪ Each session should have a minimum of two organizers and/or presenters. Based on feedback received from earlier years, please note that in general graduate students are not permitted to participate as instructors.
▪ A brief description of the organizers indicating the relevant qualifications to the proposal.
▪ Where appropriate, a brief description of the presenters indicating the relevant qualifications and teaching experience. Session attendees often consider the reputation and standing of the presenters as one of their criteria for choosing particular sessions.

▶ Session history
▪ Please indicate whether the session has been presented previously and where.

▶Promotional Description
▪ Please provide a description of the session that can be used for promotional purposes.

▶ Online Submission - Proposals must be completed using the Tutorial Submission Form: NGS'17 Tutorial Submission

▶ All submissions will be evaluated by a committee, which will consider the following criteria:
▪ Relevance, interest, and value of the topic to attendees
▪ Completeness, clarity, and quality of the proposal and materials
▪ Expertise and experience of the presenters in the proposed topic
▪ Expertise and experience of the organizers in delivering a successful educational experience
▪ Effectiveness of the proposed presentation approach
▪ If the session has been presented previously the participant evaluations will be considered

▶ Session Materials
The presenters agree to provide participants with teaching materials that include:
▪ Copies of the slides in Powerpoint or PDF format for printing.
▪ Copies of relevant articles/book chapters published by the presenters may be provided as Supplementary Information. Presenters will have to obtain copyright permission from their publishers, as required.
▪ Voice-over presentation recording of session for publishing on NGS web site. This voice-over recording will serve as an oral record of the speaking notes for the presentations.

▶ Copyright
The authors will grant copyright to session materials to the ISCB for a period to extend from acceptance through August 1, 2018, and they agree that their materials may be made available for use in perpetuity through ISCB.

▶ Compensation
Each session team will be provided:
▪ Free registration for up to two team members presenting the tutorial
▪ and up to two (2) complimentary passes to the NGS 2017 meeting