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Publications & Communications

Publications and Communications Advisory Council

The Publications and Communications Advisory Council is responsible for the guidance of ISCB’s publications and communications. The council advises the ISCB Board of Directors on publication strategies for the Society, including but not limited to the endorsement of journals, books and other publications that may be of interest to members. The council formulates general policies regarding the ISCB endorsed publications portfolio, and is responsible for suggesting editors for official journal editorial boards.  It also advises the staff on scientific content for communication channels such as the ISCB social media outlets and newsletter.

CHAIRs: Scott Markel, Predrag Radivojac
Thomas Abeel
Alex Bateman
Erich Bornberg-Bauer
Philip E. Bourne
Steven Brenner
Barbara Bryant
Matt Cockerill
Manuel Corpas
Deendayal Dinakarpandian
Lynette Hirschman
Tamer Kahveci
John Kececioglu
Rebecca Lawrence
Joanne Luciano
Geoffrey John Macintyre
Jill Mesirov
Satoru Miyano
Guilherme Oliveira
Jean Peccoud
David Rocke
Cenk Sahinalp
Chris Sander
John Smith
Bin Tian
Anna Tramontano
Olga Troyanskaya
Alfonso Valencia
Tandy Warnow
Harel Weinstein
Michael Wise