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    The ISCB Affiliates program is designed to forge links between ISCB and regional non-profit membership groups, centers, institutes and networks that involve researchers from various institutions and/or organizations within a defined geographic region involved in the advancement of bioinformatics. Such groups have regular meetings either in person or online, and an organizing body in the form of a board of directors or steering committee. If you are interested in affiliating your regional membership group, center, institute or network with ISCB, please review these guidelines (.pdf) and submit your application using the online ISCB Affiliated Group Application form. Your exploratory questions to ISCB about the appropriateness of a potential future affiliation are also welcome by Diane E. Kovats, ISCB Executive Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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Education Committee

The Education Committee promotes worldwide education and training in computational biology as well as serving as a resource and advisor to institutions and industry interested in developing educational programs.

Co-chair: Fran Lewitter  Co-chair: Nicola Mulder
Co-chair: Lonnie Welch  Incoming Co-chair: Venkata P. Satagopam
Teresa Attwood Francis Ouellette
Erich Baker Patricia Palagi
George Bell Mark Pauley
Panayiotis Benos William Pearson
Maina Lourenco Bitar Helen Piontkivska
Mark Borodovsky Mary Piper
Michelle Brazas Shoba Ranganathan
Cath Brooksbank Anne Rosenwald
James Coker Gabriella Rustici
Manuel Corpas Clare Sansom
Lynda Ellis Vicky Schneider
Bruno Gaeta Russell Schwartz
Rachel Karchin Ozlem Tastan Bishop
Alastair Kilpatrick Celia Van Gelder
Judit Kumuthini Dennis Wang
Ben Langmead Tandy Warnow
Annette McGrath Tan Tin Wee
Ann Meyer Cathy Wu
Sarah Morgan  


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