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AdvCompBio 2019 | Nov 28 - 29, 2019 | La Pedrera. Barcelona, Spain |Networking Activity


 Qimono image in pixabay

How much do you know about Biology, Computer Science and the pioneer women that first contributed to these fields?

You can learn about it while you meet AdvCompBio 2019 participants in the networking activity organized by RSG-Spain, the Spanish ISCB Regional Student Group, that will take place on Friday, 29th of November, from 16:10h to 17:30h in the La Pedrera Auditorium.

Working in teams of interdisciplinary backgrounds, participants will combine their knowledge and join their strengths to solve an interactive quiz on Computational Biology, with a special focus on the women that moved it forward.

This networking activity is open to all AdvCompBio 2019 attendees!





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