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GLBIO 2019 | May 19-22, 2019 | Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison |ISCB Media Access Policies and Guidelines

ISCB Media Access Policies and Guidelines

ISCB provides complimentary press registration to pre-approved members of the working press with appropriate press credentials, and to working freelance journalists with a letter of assignment (on the publication’s official letterhead) from an editor.

Eligibility Requirements

The following individuals are eligible for press registration:

  • Reporters, writers, producers, and editors as well as photographers and videographers with staff credentials from newspapers, magazines, online news services, wire services, and radio or television networks and stations
  • Freelancers with assignment letters from editors of established, verifiable media outlets (Letters of Assignment must appear on the publication’s official letterhead.)
  • Freelancers with at least one bylined article/report published online, in print, or broadcast by an established, verifiable media outlet during the six months prior to the meeting
  • Representatives from journals that have a verifiable featured section or media outlet that reports news from the community at large with letter of assignment from the editor
  • Online news services or online outlets that provide daily or weekly coverage of health and science
  • Science bloggers who frequently comment about research, health issues, careers in science, or STEM education will be considered on a case by case basis.

ISCB encourages the above group to submit the media pass application in advance of the meeting. Once the media pass request is approved, a complimentary registration code will be provided.

The following individuals are not eligible for complimentary press registration:

  • Writers, editors, and public relations professionals affiliated with exhibitors
  • Public affairs staff from any association or organization
  • Industry representatives or financial/industry analysts
  • Writers and editors for industry publications and websites
  • Scholarly journal editorial staff or publishers
  • Representatives from journals that do not have a featured section or media outlet that reports news from the community at large
  • Representatives of public relations firms and the public relations/communications offices of industry, academic, government, and nonprofit organizations

The above individuals must register as regular attendees and pay the required registration fee regardless of affiliation with a news or trade media organization, contracted exhibitor, scientific journal, or publishing company.

ISCB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine an individual’s eligibility for press registration and/or limit the number of passes available.

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Press/Media Badges

Members of the working press/media whose applications for press/media credentials are approved in advance of the meeting must pick up their press/media badges and meeting materials at the registration desk upon arrival at the meeting.

Press/media badges allow access to scientific sessions and the exhibit floor. Badges do not grant access to private or ticketed events, to committee or private meetings, or to the ISCB office or other private areas. ISCB reserves the right to request a member of the press/media leave an area of its meeting space.

Press/Media who plan to register onsite should bring identification, staff credentials, assignment letters, and/or bylined articles.

While at the conference, press/media must:

  • Wear or display their official ISCB press/media badge at all times while on site
  • Not exchange, loan, or borrow press/media badges. Individuals who do so will be required to leave the meeting
  • Follow the rules and the meeting code of conduct including the expected behavior policy
  • Attend the ISCB Town Hall meeting

Approved press/media pass holders are required to provide ISCB with copies of all articles written about presentations, scientists, programs, or other activities held during or pertaining to the conference.

For press requests, please contact Nadine Costello, ISCB Marketing and Communications Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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