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ISCB Sponsorship Opportunities

As ISCB extends its reach in terms of member relations, public affairs, conference management, student funding assistance to conferences, and many other exciting new initiatives, we must also diversify our revenue streams to reduce dependence on limited resources. In the past we have been very fortunate to feature high-level sponsors of ISMB, our annual conference. Now we are embarking on a concerted effort to develop corporate sponsorship programs that will jointly meet the needs of industry partners and those of the Society and its membership, beyond the limited life of each year’s annual conference.

If the opportunity to become a sponsor of the ISCB appeals to you and/or your organization as one that fulfills a social responsibility goal toward international outreach for the Life Sciences community, we want to hear from you. Sponsorships are being customized to meet the unique goals of each of our current and future partners.

For additional information or to express interest in becoming a sponsor of the ISCB, please contact BJ Morrison McKay, Executive Officer, at admin@iscb.org