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Behind the Scenes at ISCB

Many members have already had a chance to interact with Suzi Smith, who recently joined the ISCB staff in an administrative support role. Jumping right in to her new position, Suzi is responding to member inquiries, journal orders, and bookkeeping.

Suzi has many years of administrative experience, primarily in the banking and event planning industries. She is a California native, and was pleased to settle in San Diego after traveling the world with her husband during his 20 years of service in the US Navy. The next time you send mail to admin@iscb.org, don’t be surprised if you receive a speedy reply from Suzi.

A less well-known member of the ISCB team is Lynn Fink, PhD. A recent graduate of University of California, San Diego, Lynn currently holds a postdoc position at the San Diego Supercomputer Center in Michael Gribskov’s computational molecular biology lab.

In 2002 Lynn volunteered to serve on an ISCB committee, and we quickly enlisted her for programming assistance with the ISMB conference poster submissions. This effort resulted in a standardized database for the 2003 conference, which will serve for future years as well. Thank you, Lynn, for all of your great work!