Introducing the Inaugural Members of the ISCB Student Council

On August 3, 2004, during a special ISMB/ECCB lunch session, the initial work of the inaugural ISCB Student Council will be unveiled. The inaugural team has spent months of hard work developing ideas submitted by dozens of ISCB student/trainee members into strategic priorities, goals and action plans to address the unique needs of students and young scientists in the very early stages of their careers. All student/trainee ISCB members in attendance at ISMB/ECCB 2004 are encouraged to attend this special lunch session to learn what the council can do for you and how you can become a member of the Student Council. Non-members are also invited to attend this special session, and encouraged to consider membership in the Society to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to join in the future success of the ISCB Student Council.

The board of directors and staff of the ISCB would like to thank the following student/trainee members for their enthusiasm and hard work as members of the inaugural Student Council. They initially worked together through the development of a mission statement, then separated into virtual work groups to develop proposals for each of the specific areas that currently make up the Student Council’s strategic plan, and ultimately reunited to review and refine the unified plan to be presented during ISMB/ECCB. Throughout the process their ability to work as a team, especially given that none of them were working from the same location, was truly commendable.

If you encounter any of these individuals during the conference or anytime thereafter please be sure to thank them for their hard work and ask how you can now get involved. They are overflowing with ideas and energy, and are sure to sign you up on the spot!


Manuel Corpas

Sarath Chandra Janga
Group Leader

Michael Sierk

Toni Gabaldon

Michael Hoffman

Amonida Zadissa
Group Leader

Debra Goldberg
(Also serving as inaugural Vice Chair)

Shweta Bansal

Nandita Mullapudi

Group Leader

Amandeep S. Sidhu

Annie Chiang

John Pinney

Thomas M. Smith

Rebecca Lynn Luzcando
Not Pictured:
Kyle L. Jensen
Group Leader

Robert Park

Shwetal Patel
Group Leader

Shailesh Date

Shaun Mahony

Peter Oledzki

Lan Zhang