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One Year of
PLoS Computational Biology

PLoS CB Education Column
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BioLINK and BioCreAtIvE:
Linking Text to Biological Resources

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MentorNet News

As announced in May, 2006, ISCB recently joined the MentorNet E-Mentoring Network as an Affiliated Partner. In our ongoing effort to encourage ISCB professional and student members to sign up as Mentors and Protégés, we are please to share the following excerpt from the July issue of MentorNet News, reprinted with permission.

A Chance to Inspire-Why Long-Term Mentors Keep Coming Back

Since launching the One-on-One E-Mentoring program in 1998, MentorNet has matched nearly 16,000 pairs in 8-month mentoring relationships. Some mentors so enjoy the chance to help a student navigate the ups and downs of academic life that they continue to sign up for more matches. In fact, 180 mentors have been volunteers for five or more years! What keeps them coming back? Seven long-term MentorNet mentors share what they like about MentorNet and why they stay with the program year after year. A chance to inspire others and give back to the community and the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their own careers are just a few of the reasons. Seven mentors share their personal satisfaction as mentors at www.mentornet.net/news/newsart.aspx?nid=12&sid=2

MentorNet News is a monthly e-newsletter that goes out to all MentorNet Community members and friends. Use this link to subscribe and receive your own copy: www.mentornet.net/community/public/subs.aspx