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Workshop for high school teachers at ismb2014

ISCB High School Teachers Workshop

Incorporating Bioinformatics into High School Biology Courses


This is a hands-on workshop was held prior to the annual meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). Instructors included Dr. Fran Lewitter, Founding Director of Bioinformatics and Research Computing at Whitehead Institute; Dr. David Form, biology teacher at Nashoba Regional High School; and, Dr. Patricia Palagi, Head, Training and Outreach, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

The workshop included bioinformatics activities that can be used in your classroom to help students learn biological principles. Topics include BLAST and other resources available at NCBI (the National Center for Biotechnology Information) and in Europe.


Resource and Presentation Materials:

Introduction to BLAST

   BLAST intro slides pdf

   BLAST intro slides ppt

BLAST hands-on activity

   Searching for fossil genes 

   Chilean Blob pdf   docx

mouse cDNA  NM_178747 

mouse protein  NP_848862.1


   Slides pdf     Slides ppt 
NCBI and Ensembl hands-on - Fran    Exercises docx     Exercises txt 

Understanding a genetic disease

with bioinformatics - hands-on


This workshop is co-sponsored by ISCB and GOBLET with generous support from NSF.