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    The ISCB Affiliates program is designed to forge links between ISCB and regional non-profit membership groups, centers, institutes and networks that involve researchers from various institutions and/or organizations within a defined geographic region involved in the advancement of bioinformatics. Such groups have regular meetings either in person or online, and an organizing body in the form of a board of directors or steering committee. If you are interested in affiliating your regional membership group, center, institute or network with ISCB, please review these guidelines (.pdf) and submit your application using the online ISCB Affiliated Group Application form. Your exploratory questions to ISCB about the appropriateness of a potential future affiliation are also welcome by Diane E. Kovats, ISCB Executive Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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Code of Conduct for Committees

Affiliate Committee

  • Co-CHAIRS: Bruno Gaeta, Paul Horton, Lonnie Welch

The mission of the Affiliates Committee is to foster interactions between the Society and its Affiliated Regional Groups. The Affiliates Committee works with the Board of Directors to establish the procedures for affiliation. It also examines ways in which both partners (the Society and the groups) can mutually benefit from each other, and ways to foster collaboration and networking between affiliates. It is the body to which members of the Affiliated Regional Groups can bring particular concerns and make suggestions for new initiatives.

Audit Committee

  • CHAIR: Bruno Gaeta

The ISCB Audit Committee serves to facilitate the annual financial audit of the Society's financial record keeping and policies and procedures, by responding to any questions or concerns raised by the auditor. The committee will also review the auditor's report, and a representative of the committee will present it to the board for approval.

Awards Committee

  • CHAIR: Ron Shamir

The Awards Committee is responsible for the oversight of the ISCB awards program. The committee is charged with advertising, processing, and distributing each award which it oversees; determining proper criteria as set forth by the founders of the awards; reviewing and selecting candidates who best meet the criteria of each award. The committee may also suggest new awards for approval by the ISCB Board of Directors.

Communities of Special Interest (COSI) Committee

CHAIR: Christine Orengo
The mission of the COSI Committee is to foster interactions between the Society and its special interest groups. The committee examines applications for new communities of special interest and establishes the relative procedures for the communities. It also examines ways in which both partners (the Society and the communities) can mutually benefit from each other. It is the body to which members of the COSIs can bring particular concerns and make suggestions for new initiatives.

Conferences Advisory Council

  • Co-chairs: Janet Kelso, Francisco Melo Ledermann, Christine Orengo

The Conferences Advisory Council is responsible for oversight of ISCB organized and affiliated conferences. The council advises the ISCB Board of Directors on all aspects of the relationship of ISCB to conferences and meetings in the field, including but not limited to the affiliation with existing meetings as well as the initiation of new meetings. The Council formulates general policies regarding the ISCB conference portfolio, and is responsible for suggesting new conference directions and approving applications for affiliated conferences. The council is also responsible for making recommendations regarding sponsorship and advertisement of ISCB at related national and international conferences.

Education Committee

  • Co-CHAIRs: Cath Brooksbank, Nicola Mulder, and Venkata P. Satagopam

The Education Committee promotes worldwide education and training in computational biology as well as serving as a resource and advisor to institutions and industry interested in developing educational programs.

Executive Committee

  • CHAIR: Thomas Lengauer

The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Society and the appointed executive director (staff position). The committee meets regularly and shall act for the Society in all matters during the interim periods between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Committee acts in a supervisory function of the Society. It vets and recommends strategic approaches to Society policy and procedures, oversees the work and charters of committees and advisory councils, and monitors changes within the field and activities of the Society.

Fellows Selection Committee

  • CHAIR: Bonnie Berger

The Fellows Selection Committee is comprised of a Committee Chair and all ISCB Fellows. The committee members review all nominations for ISCB Fellows, and work together to select the next class of Fellows per the guidelines of the Fellows Program. To be named an ISCB Fellow is a honorary distinction restricted to no more than five members annually, including the year's ISCB Accomplishment by a Senior Scientist Award winner, who is automatically named to that year’s class of Fellows.

Finances and Business Development Committee

  • CHAIR: Bruno Gaeta

The Finances and Business Development Committee develops strategies and programs for revenue generation and guidelines for control of expenses. The Committee liaises with the Treasurer and all other committees over financial matters.

Fundraising Advisory Council

  • CHAIR: Reinhard Schneider

The Fundraising Advisory Council helps the Board carry out its due diligence function related to assuring fiscal health through fundraising. In partnership with the executive director and ISCB president, the council integrates the fundraising process into the Board and Society.

Governance Committee

  • CHAIR: Scott Markel

The Governance Committee develops policies and procedures for matters of how the Society leadership governs itself, including but not limited to parliamentary procedure, ethics, code of conduct, and conflict of interest.

Industry Advisory Council

  • CHAIR: Alfonso Valencia

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) collaborates with the leadership of ISCB in achieving the society’s mission of serving professionals in the field of computational biology and bioinformatics The IAC serves as an advisory body to the ISCB Board of Directors and provides input on future directions and programs for the Society, works to increase the link between ISCB members working in industry and academia, and promotes the Society within the business sector with interests in bioinformatics and computational biology.

Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) Steering Committee

The Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) Steering Committee is responsible for the scientific development and strategic direction of ISCB’s flagship meeting, ISMB. Annually, the ISCB president will recommend to the board of directors two ISMB conference chairs. By appointment of the board of directors, the chairs will lead the scientific organization of the conference. The committee shall consist of the two appointed chairs, the ISCB president, executive director, ISMB conferences director, and ISCB conference advisory council chairs. In addition to scientific organization, the steering committee makes recommendations on improving the conference experiences, assists with fundraising for the conference, and supports grant funding submissions.

Nominations Committee

  • CHAIRs: Scott Markel and Nicola Mulder

The Nominations Committee manages and promotes the annual nominations process in preparation for the election of board members, officers, and student council leaders. The committee also runs the annual closed-session board elections, including determining the election process, tallying the votes, and communicating results with all candidates.

Public Affairs and Policies Committee

  • CHAIR: Judith Blake
  • Co-CHAIR: Peter Karp

The Public Affairs and Policies Committee will interact with worldwide government agencies that fund bioinformatics research. The Committee, in partnership with other Societies where and when appropriate, will provide guidance to the government on policies related to bioinformatics and genomics, and will assist government agencies in defining bioinformatics funding programs. The Committee will also alert the ISCB Directorship and membership of government policy likely to impact our science, and to respond appropriately to feedback given.

Publications and Communications Advisory Council

  • CHAIRs: Scott Markel, Predrag Radivojac

The Publications and Communications Advisory Council is responsible for the guidance of ISCB’s publications and communications. The council advises the ISCB Board of Directors on publication strategies for the Society, including but not limited to the endorsement of journals, books and other publications that may be of interest to members. The council formulates general policies regarding the ISCB endorsed publications portfolio, and is responsible for suggesting editors for official journal editorial boards. It also advises the staff on scientific content for communication channels such as the ISCB social media outlets and newsletter.

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