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Use our ISCB Scicasts channel to stay on top of the most relevant Computational Biology news. This new service will provide you with up to date news and announcement from a large number of science and technology publications and newsletters which are customized around the computational biology sector. You can access and subscribe to the service by various sources (Twitter, RSS, Facebook, Linkedin) and/or subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

ISCB Scicasts News

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Use our ISCB Scicasts channel to stay on top of the most relevant Computational Biology news or subscribe to the ISCB Scicasts Newsletter  ...more...

Taylor & Francis/CRC Press

Welcome to the weblink affiliate program with Taylor & Francis/CRC Press.  Receive a 20% discount when shopping on the CRC Press website, www.crcpress.com. {access Public} If you have a current ISCB membership, please login to see the discount code here.{/access}{access ISCB-Paid-Users} Enter this code (PROMO CODE 129LE) at checkout to receive the discount.{/access}

Featured Book:

Pattern Discovery in Bioinformatics:
Theory & Algorithms

Author(s): Laxmi Parida IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York

  • Covers a broad range of topics from the fundamentals of pattern discovery algorithms to basic statistics to state-of-the-art implementation techniques
  • Clarifies how computational methods work and what problems they solve
  • Introduces basic algorithmic concepts, such as trees, before exploring them in detail
  • Focuses on models of biological sequences, including DNA, RNA, and protein sequences
  • Includes illustrative proofs to justify concise factual statements as well as exercises at the end of each chapter for self-study or classroom teaching
For more information, click here.


Free subscription to the F1000Prime personalized literature service

ISCB Membership now includes complimentary access to all content in Faculty of 1000’s F1000Prime article recommendation service is available to ISCB members from 1st November 2013 to 30th April 2014.

F1000Prime is an in-depth directory of top articles in biology and medicine, as recommended by a Faculty of over 5,000 expert scientists and clinical researchers. The service covers over 40 disciplines and more than 3,700 journals, including thousands of papers in genomics, bioinformatics and computational biology. Articles are rated and expert commentaries explain their importance. F1000Prime helps life scientists and clinicians find important papers in the rapidly-growing literature. It combines the readability of short expert commentary with the scope bibliographic database searching and precision of self-learning software that adapts to an individual’s research interests.

ISCB members must sign into F1000Prime using the email address associated with their ISCB membership at http://f1000.com/prime/iscb to receive free access until 30th April 2014.


On January 1, 2009 Bioinformatics once again became an official journal of the ISCB. This was a "homecoming" of sorts, as Bioinformatics was the original Society journal from 1998-2004, and the ISMB Proceedings have been published in the journal continuously since 2001.

Download Press Release here.

Bioinformatics journal is published by Oxford University Press (OUP). The journal's main focus is on new developments in genome bioinformatics and computational biology. Two distinct sections within the journal - Discovery Notes and Application Notes- focus on shorter papers; the former reporting biologically interesting discoveries using computational methods, the latter exploring the applications used for experiments.



Alex Bateman (UK) and Alfonso Valencia (Spain) serve as the Executive Editors of Bioinformatics journal.

The most up to date listing of the full editorial board is available at


is covered by the following major indexing services:

Medline (Index Medicus)
Science Citation Index
Chemical Abstracts Service



ISCB members enjoy a substantial discount off the individual subscription price to Bioinformatics and other select OUP journals. For current member discount details click here.



Oxford Journals operates an optional Open Access Model (Oxford Open) covering over 70 OUP journals, including Bioinformatics. Through this initiative, authors of accepted papers are given the option of paying an Open Access publication charge to make their paper freely available online immediately via the journal website, meaning that readers will not need a journal subscription to view Open Access content. If an author does not choose to pay the Open Access publication charge, their paper will be published in the normal manner, but it will not be made freely available online immediately. Therefore there will be a mixture of non-Open Access and Open Access original research papers within each journal. Open Access articles will be clearly indicated on the online journal's contents page.

In order to view the non-Open Access content in participating journals, a current subscription to the journal will be required. Online, print and combined subscription options will continue to be available to institutions. The amount of Open Access content in each journal is regularly analysed, and this will impact the future online subscription prices - generally speaking, the more Open Access content published in a journal, the lower the future online subscription prices will be.

For more information on Oxford Open please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Purchase your Books

ISCB is pleased to announce the ISCB Computational Biology book series in partnership with Springer (previously branded simply as the Computational Biology series), with an expanded list of series editors and exciting new books to come. As part of this arrangement, Springer book titles are available to ISCB members at a 25% discount.

  • For full list of offers visit:

ISCB has a weblink affiliate program with Amazon.com, Cambridge University Press, The MIT Press, and Taylor & Francis/CRC Press.  With these programs you can receive a discount on select books and products.

For more information:

  • Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press is pleased to offer a 20% discount on all Life Sciences, Computer Science and Statistics titles to members of ISCB.

    To benefit from the discount, please visit www.cambridge.org/lifesciences, add your choice of books to the basket, and enter the code ISCBCUP when prompted at the checkout. You may also view all discounted titles directly at www.cambridge.org/ISCBCUP

  • MIT Press - The MIT Press is pleased to offer ISCB members a 25% discount on any MIT Press books purchased on the MIT Press website. To redeem your 25% please use the discount code ISCB25 at the checkout.

    The MIT Press

  • Taylor & Francis/CRC Press – Visit our Taylor & Francis/CRC Press page for their featured book and book links.


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