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A key part of the success of this event is the financial support and active involvement of our industry sponsors. This is a great opportunity to meet the key individuals in the field of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from around the world, and gain international exposure to your products or services through the ISCB marketing efforts.

Please take a moment to review the opportunities below. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 352-665-1763 for sponsorship opportunities.

Platinum: $15,000

  • Sponsor of Conference Banquet
  • Prominent logo placement on website
  • Keynote speaker time slot (30 minutes)
  • Display space 8' wide x 6' deep
  • Three conference registrations
  • Company logo on printed materials
  • Company logo on signage
  • Company logo on session screen
  • Company brochure in delegate bags
  • Recognition from the podium

Gold: $7,500

  • Keynote speaker time slot (30 minutes)
  • Two conference registrations
  • Company logo on printed materials
  • Company logo on signage
  • Company logo on session screen
  • Company one-page flyer in delegate bags

Silver: $3,000

  • One complimentary registration
  • Company logo on printed materials
  • Company logo on signage
  • Company logo on session screen

Delegate Bags: $1000:

  • Company name on bags
  • Company name on printed materials
  • Company promotional brochure in delegate bags


Guidelines for Exhibitor Track Presentations (pdf)


To discuss opportunities please contact:

Rocky Conference Coordinator
Stephanie Hagstrom
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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IBM's Technical Computing organization
IBM's OpenPOWER Group
is the organization that includes high performance computing (HPC) within the IBM Systems Group. This group is responsible for the strategy, marketing and identification of areas that can benefit from IBM's high end technology. The life sciences is such an area, and IBM is and will continue to bring valued solutions to life sciences.

IBM's Research
is a partner with IBM's HPC and OpenPOWER on developing the next generation of high performance data centric computers. In addition, the Research Division has many groups investigating numerous application areas in collaboration with IBM's customers and partners in the life sciences. This includes IBM Research’s Data Centric Solutions and Computational Biology Center.



PatientsLikeMe is a free website where people with chronic health conditions get together and share their experiences living with disease. Where newly diagnosed patients can improve their outcomes by connecting with and learning from others who've gone before them. Where researchers learn more about what's working, what's not, and where the gaps are, so that they can develop new and better treatments.

was founded in 2000 by Larry Gold, with the goal of improving the well-being and quality of life of every individual by transforming how diseases were detected and diagnosed. Building on the previous decade of aptamer research, SomaLogic scientists have developed a new proteomics technology that overcomes the significant challenges of current technologies, and which has multiple applications across the biological and medical sciences. Our mission is to leverage our proprietary technology to discover, develop and commercialize revolutionary new life science research tools and breakthrough clinical diagnostic products that will transform healthcare. - See more at: https://somalogic.com/About-Us/

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ISCB - A Safe Space (Code of Conduct)

ISCB works to maintain an environment that allows science and scientific careers to flourish through respectful, inclusive, and equitable treatment of others and is committed to providing a safe place for its members and nonmember participants. As a statement of principle, ISCB rejects discrimination and harassment by any means, based on factors such as ethnic or national origin, race, religion, citizenship, language, political or other opinion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, age, or economic class. In addition, ISCB opposes all forms of bullying including threatening, humiliating, coercive, or intimidating conduct that causes harm to, interferes with, or sabotages scientific activity and careers. Discrimination, harassment (in any form), and bullying create a hostile environment that reduces the quality, integrity, and pace of the advancement of science by marginalizing individuals and communities. It also damages productivity and career advancement, and prevents the healthy exchange of ideas.

Our goal is to foster a culture that creates a safe and open working environment for all who are participating in ISCB activities, conferences, and programs. While ISCB is not an adjudicating body, ISCB has appointed Ombudspersons who can be consulted, give advice or help seek out appropriate authorities to further handle any form of harassment or assault.

All conference delegates are also expected to adhere to the ISCB Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


ISCB Media Access Policies and Guidelines

ISCB provides complimentary press registration to pre-approved members of the working press with appropriate press credentials, and to working freelance journalists with a letter of assignment (on the publication’s official letterhead) from an editor.

Eligibility Requirements

The following individuals are eligible for press registration:

  • Reporters, writers, producers, and editors as well as photographers and videographers with staff credentials from newspapers, magazines, online news services, wire services, and radio or television networks and stations
  • Freelancers with assignment letters from editors of established, verifiable media outlets (Letters of Assignment must appear on the publication’s official letterhead.)
  • Freelancers with at least one bylined article/report published online, in print, or broadcast by an established, verifiable media outlet during the six months prior to the meeting
  • Representatives from journals that have a verifiable featured section or media outlet that reports news from the community at large with letter of assignment from the editor
  • Online news services or online outlets that provide daily or weekly coverage of health and science
  • Science bloggers who frequently comment about research, health issues, careers in science, or STEM education will be considered on a case by case basis.

ISCB encourages the above group to submit the media pass application in advance of the meeting. Once the media pass request is approved, a complimentary registration code will be provided.

The following individuals are not eligible for complimentary press registration:

  • Writers, editors, and public relations professionals affiliated with exhibitors
  • Public affairs staff from any association or organization
  • Industry representatives or financial/industry analysts
  • Writers and editors for industry publications and websites
  • Scholarly journal editorial staff or publishers
  • Representatives from journals that do not have a featured section or media outlet that reports news from the community at large
  • Representatives of public relations firms and the public relations/communications offices of industry, academic, government, and nonprofit organizations

The above individuals must register as regular attendees and pay the required registration fee regardless of affiliation with a news or trade media organization, contracted exhibitor, scientific journal, or publishing company.

ISCB reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine an individual’s eligibility for press registration.

Press/Media Badges

Members of the working press/media whose applications for press/media credentials are approved in advance of the meeting must pick up their press/media badges and meeting materials at the registration desk upon arrival at the meeting.

Press/media badges allow access to scientific sessions and the exhibit floor. Badges do not grant access to private or ticketed events, to committee or private meetings, or to the ISCB office or other private areas. ISCB reserves the right to request a member of the press/media leave an area of its meeting space.

Press/Media who plan to register onsite should bring identification, staff credentials, assignment letters, and/or bylined articles.

While at the conference, press/media must:

  • Wear or display their official ISCB press/media badge at all times while on site
  • Not exchange, loan, or borrow press/media badges. Individuals who do so will be required to leave the meeting
  • Follow the rules and the meeting code of conduct including the expected behavior policy
  • Attend the ISCB Town Hall meeting

Approved press/media pass holders are required to provide ISCB with copies of all articles written about presentations, scientists, programs, or other activities held during or pertaining to the conference.

For press requests, please contact Nadine Costello, ISCB Marketing and Communications Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Rocky 2019 will
be held at

Viceroy Snowmass
130 Wood Road
PO Box 6985
Snowmass Village, CO 81615
Phone: +1 (970) 390-8903


December 5 - 7, 2019

Welcome to the seventeenth annual Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference, a meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). The organizers hope that you enjoy the program, and find the conference a productive opportunity to meet researchers, students and industrial users of bioinformatics technology.

The Rocky series began seventeen years ago as a regional conference, and has grown into an international program with a spotlight on regional development in the computational biosciences. The presenters of the Rocky conference are scientists representing a broad spectrum of universities, industrial enterprises, government laboratories, and medical libraries from around the world. The meeting is a chance to get to know your colleagues near and far, seek collaborative opportunities, and find synergies that can drive our field forward.

We hope you enjoy the science, the company, and the spectacular scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Welcome!

Larry Hunter
Rocky 2019 Conference Chair



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