19th Annual International Conference on
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and
10th European Conference on Computational Biology

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Category 'O'- Neuroscience'
Poster O1
An integrated approach to the alignment and classification of 3D neuronal morphology in the Drosophila brain

chao-chun chuang National Chiao Tung University
Short Abstract: Characterizing the neuronal morphology of the Drosophila brain has been a challenging problem in contemporary neuroscience. Alignment and clustering of neuronal morphology allows compartmentalization of structures that might reflect a functional link between the neurons. These might include shared input, interaction via local axonal collaterals, and/or shared common targets. However, massive morphology clustering with direct 3D structural comparisons is too difficult to be carried out in a high-throughput screening procedure. In this study, we developed an algorithm to address this specific issue.
First, we reconstructed single neurons into a common standardized 3D framework. Next, we transformed 3D neuronal morphology into a one-dimensional spatial code including its biological features and spatial distribution. Comparison of neuronal morphology with one-dimensional spatial code, which is similar to a protein amino sequence, is much faster than directly comparing the 3D structures of neurons. We applied this algorithm to align and cluster about 16,000 neurons from FlyCircuit database and found that there is sexual dimorphism in neurons expressing the fruitless gene. Also, we found that projection neurons with very similar morphology were formed at different developmental stages. In certain neurons with consistent morphology, we found multiple genes were expressed within. These results corresponded with the actual anatomy atlas, demonstrating our algorithm to be effective and accurate in a high-throughput screening procedure.
In conclusion, we provide a novel approach to integrate anatomy and informatics. The morphology of neurons serves as the criteria for data clustering, which helps validate the functional circuits of the Drosophila brain.
Poster O2
Effect of Leaky Channels in Calcium Homeostasis

Suhas Vasaikar Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Aditya Kumar Padhi (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences); Hirdesh Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences); James Gomes (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences);
Short Abstract: Ca2+ homeostasis is maintained by store operated channels and pumps within Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) and mitochondria of neuronal cells crucial for development and cellular survival. Channel maintains the Ca2+ flux that regulates spatial and temporal dynamics to control diverse cellular functions. Emerging evidence suggests that, presence of leaky channels play an important role to control Ca2+ load in store operated organelles. Dysregulation of channels modulate Ca2+ flux resulting in Ca2+ overload in neuronal cells, that leads to neuronal apoptosis. In this study, we showed the effect of leaky channels on Ca-signalling and the functional consequences of alteration in mitochondrial membrane potential. Our study supports the hypothesis that calcium leaky channels are involved in Ca2+ overload induced by mutation resulting in mitochondrial stress condition. The inhibition of such leaky channels may offer therapeutic potential for the treatment of neuronal disorders.

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