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GLBIO 2017 | May 15- 17, 2017 | Univ. of Illinois at Chicago |Poster Presentations


Poster Session A - Tuesday, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm, with lunch
Location: Illinois A

Poster Session B - Wednesday, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm, with lunch
Location: Illinois A


  • If you are in Session A, you may set up your poster any time between 8:30 am and Noon on Tuesday and must remove your poster by 5pm on Tuesday. All remaining posters will be discarded.
  • If you are in Session B, you may set up your poster any time between 8:30 am and Noon on Wednesday and must remove your poster by 5pm on Wednesday. All remaining posters will be discarded.

As of April 18, 2017. Subject to change without notice.

Yadi Zhou and Michael Held Bridging Experimental Biochemistry and Bioinformatics through a Component-based Visual Bioinformatics Pipeline Software 1 A
Nihal Babu BIOINFORMATICS VISUALIZATION: A Review on a novel technique used in the INTERACTORIUM 2 B
Rosa Aghdam Preserving Significant Genes and Pathways via different Imputation Methods 3 A
Moamen Elmassry, Nithya Mudaliar, Rao Kottapalli, Sharmila Dissanaike, John Griswold, Michael San Francisco, Jane Colmer-Hamood and Abdul Hamood How trauma affects the fate of Pseudomonas aeurginosa in blood
4 B
Zhenhua Shang, Bob Friedman and Zhengqing Fu Phylogenetic analysis of NPR1 gene within the plant kingdom reveals divergent evolutionary histories indicative of genomic drift 5 A
Alexandra Taraboletti, Tia Walker, Robin Avila, He Huang, Joel Caporoso, Erendra Manandhar, Thomas C. Leeper, David A. Modarelli, Satish Medicetty and Leah P. Shriver Cuprizone intoxication induces cell intrinsic alterations in oligodendrocyte metabolism independent of copper chelation
6 B
Noel-Marie Plonski, Bianca Bissoni, Madara Hetti Arachchilage, Karl Romstedt, Edgar E. Koojiman and Helen Piontkivska A search for phospholipases in Kinetoplastida; a phylogenetic analysis
7 A
Muhammad Rizwan Riaz and Aziz Mithani MAPPS: Metabolic network Analysis and Pathway Prediction Server 8 B
Angela Zou, John Parkinson, John Brumell, David Guttman, Doug Korver and Shayan Sharif The Role of Selective Breeding in Chicken Genetics and Health
9 A
Felix Francis, Michael D. Dumas and Randall J. Wisser A genome-aware primer design tool and processing pipeline for SMRT tiled-amplicon resequencing 10 B
Shuxiang Ruan, S. Joshua Swamidass and Gary Stormo BEESEM: Estimation of Binding Energy Models Using HT-SELEX Data 11 A
Iva Veseli, Yukun Sun and Jean-Francois Pombert A Simple Pipeline to Assess and Visualize Genetic Diversity Between Bacterial Genomes 12 B
Jason Grundstad, Robert Georgantas, Jeffrey Waring, Justin Davis and Jacob Degner MetaGEO: an R package/R-Shiny mashup app for simultaneously exploring multiple GEO datasets. 13 A
Fazle Faisal, Julie Chaney, Khalique Newaz, Jun Li, Scott Emrich, Patricia Clark and Tijana Milenkovic Network approach integrates 3D structural and sequence data to improve protein structural comparison 14 B
Mark Mammel, Jayanthi Gangiredla, Keith Lampel and Chris Elkins Finding informative kmer DNA signatures for clustering and identification of foodborne pathogens in metagenomic datasets 15 A
Marci Brandenburg, Rebecca Tagett and Richard C McEachin Bioinformationist – the Synergistic Roles of a Librarian in the Bioinformatics Core 16 B
Huaiyng Lin, Kashi Revanna, Laurynas Kalesinskas and Qunfeng Dong GenomeExplorer: A Web-based Database System for Genomic Data Integration 17 A
Danielle Oddo and Padmanabhan Mahadevan Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis of virus associated RNAs in human adenoviruses 18 B
Jacob Schreiber, Maxwell Libbrecht, Jeffrey Bilmes and William Noble Nucleotide sequence and DNaseI sensitivity are predictive of 3D chromatin architecture
19 A
Geethika Yalamanchili and Christopher V Rao Developing computational approaches for unraveling mechanisms of genetic regulation in bacteria 20 B
Manosh Kumar Biswas, Dhiman Biswas, Mita Bagchi, Zhangyan Dai, Ting Yu, Guiming Deng, Chunyu Li and Ganjun Yi MMdb1: a web-based genomic resource for the genome-wide exploration of SSR and SNP markers for the family Musaceae
21 A
Michael Sparks, Joshua Rhoades, David Nelson, Daniel Kuhar, Donald Weber and Dawn Gundersen-Rindal Transcriptomics of Harlequin Bug (Murgantia histrionica), a Major U.S. Agricultural Pest
23 A
Rajib Dutta, Joseph Mainsah, Yuriy Yatskiv, Sharmistha Chakrabortty, Patrick Brennan, Basil Khuder, Larisa Fedorova, Shuhao Qiu and Alexei Fedorov Intricacies in arrangement of SNP haplotypes suggest “Great Admixture” that created modern humans
24 B
Carrie Buo Leptin and glucose-sensing pathways: a cognitive study 25 A
Alan Perez-Rathke, Monifa Fahie, Min Chen and Jie Liang Computational modeling of OmpG pH-dependent gating 26 B
Marc Griesemer and Ali Navid HDMOFA: A Tool for High Dimensional Multi-Objective Flux Analysis in Genome-Scale Models of Metabolism 27 A
Emily Trenka Photoelastic Force Management 28 B
Houxiang Zhu, Richmond Emily and Chun Liang CRISPR-RT: A web service for designing CRISPR-C2c2 crRNA with improved target specificity 29 A
Vitor A C Pavinato, Saranga Wijeratne, Andrew P Michel and Tea Meulia Read merging and clustering minimizes sequencing errors in amplicon sequencing from target-enrichment PCR protocol 30 B
Xiao Hu and Iddo Friedberg A pipeline for discovery and analysis of operons in metagenomes
31 A
Huy Nguyen, Oliver Eulenstein and Iddo Friedberg Reconstructing ancestral states of operons
32 B
Peng Deng Epigenetic Mechanisms of Memory Formation 33 A
Alysha Cypher, Alex Taraboletti, Leah Shriver and Brian Bagatto Characterization of tissue-specific lipid profile in Danio rerio using shotgun lipidomics 34 B
Mark Maienschein-Cline, George Chlipala, Zhengdeng Lei, Hong Hu, Pinal Kanabar and Stefan Green Uniformity of reference coverage and taxonomic abundance estimates in shotgun metagenomics data sets
35 A
Charul Agrawal, Pallavi Grover, Mahesh Dadhich, Samuel Burns, Joydeep Sarkar and Gaurav Dwivedi Method for region-specific population health prediction using virtual populations based on a simulation model of individual health 36 B
Aram Karkar, Osamah Hamzeh, Abed Alkhateeb and Luis Rueda Finding Biomarkers Associated with Prostate Cancer Gleason Stages using Next Generation Sequencing and Machine Learning Techniques 37 A
Sung Joon Park, Won Seok Song, Suhoon Oh and Kyung Dae Ko The change in gut microbiomes between obesity and non-obesity groups among different populations 38 B
Manish Datt and Helly Shah Molecular Descriptor Based Evaluation of Drug-Likeliness and Chemical Space of Natural Products 39 A
Olaitan Awe, Angela Makolo and Segun Fatumo Insilico Identification of Protein-Coding and Non-Coding Regions in Next-Generation Technology Transcriptome Sequence Data: A Machine Learning Approach 40 B
Ahmed Metwally, Yang Dai, David Perkins and Patricia Finn Microbiome Dynamics as Predictors of Lung Transplant Rejection 41 A
Andrea Garretto and Catherine Putonti Identifying Viral Genomes within Complex Communities 42 B
Jonathan Chen, Lyndsey Schmucker and Donald Visco Developing a virtual high-throughput screening pipeline for faster drug discovery: Factor Xia and XIIa lead identification and confirmation 43 A
Madan Baral, Ricardo Avila, Jonathon E Mohl, Ming-Ying Leung and Rachid Skouta In silico evaluation of human OX2 orexin receptor (hOX2R) inhibitors using AutoDock and Glide 44 B
George Chlipala, Ankur Naqib, Weihua Wang, Kyle J. Popovich, Mark Maienschein-Cline and Stefan Green Integrating sub-OTU Processing and Improving Taxonomic Annotation in a Standard QIIME Workflow 45 A
Pasan Fernando, Laura Jackson, Erliang Zeng and Paula Mabee A generic bioinformatics pipeline to integrate large-scale trait data with large phylogenies 46 B
Ankit Bhaukajee, Shreya Paithankar and Guenter Tusch Searching Online Repositories For Useful Time Patterns 47 A
Reda Rawi, Jeffrey C. Boyington, Katie Farney, M. Gordon Joyce, Thomas Lemmin, Chen-Hsiang Shen, Kai Xu, Peter D. Kwong and Gwo-Yu Chuang A computational approach to identify antigenic sites on viral proteins vulnerable to neutralizing antibody and suitable for immunogen design
48 B
Ahmet Süreyya Rifaioğlu, Tunca Dogan, Ömer Sinan Saraç, Rabie Saidi, Volkan Atalay, Maria Martin and Rengul Cetin-Atalay UniGOPred: A Large Scale Automated GO Term Annotation System for UniProtKB
49 A
Isabelle Birt, Megan Hagenauer, Sarah Clinton, Cigdem Aydin, Peter Blandino, Fan Meng, John Stead, Robert Thompson, Stanley Watson and Huda Akil Exploring Differences in Gene Expression and Relative Cell Type Balance in the Hippocampus of a Selectively Bred Rat Model for Internalizing and Externalizing Psychiatric Disorders 50 B
Archana Yadav, Gitanjali Yadav and Jitendra Thakur KIXBASE: A KIX domain database and web server for prediction and analysis 51 A
Sumaiya A. Islam, Sarah J. Goodman, Julia L. MacIsaac, Ronald G. Barr, W. Thomas Boyce and Michael S. Kobor Integration of DNA methylation patterns and genetic variation in pediatric blood and buccal tissues
52 B
David Fehr, Manu Manu and Yen Lee Loh Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks from Time Series Data Using Glass Models 53 A
Edgar Roldan, Ana Lisica, Daniel Sánchez-Taltavull and Stephan Grill Stochastic resetting in backtrack recovery by RNA polymerases
54 B
Mary Saha, Chanelle Waligura, Madara Hetti Arachchilage and Helen Piontkivska Mutation patterns in EBOV: Potential Long Term Impacts
55 A
Olugbenga Taiwo, Solomon Oranusi, Marion Adebiyi, Nandita De, Yemisi Obafemi, Oluwatoyin Afolabi, Joshua Owolabi, Olagbenro Popoola, Samuel Ejoh, Ige Ojo, Busayo Olawoyin, Olufisayo Awotoye and Oloyede MICROBIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF COMMERCIAL YOGURT SOLD IN OTA METROPOLIS, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA
56 B
Shagun Sharma, Mathew Lee and John Senko Tracking the distributions microbial communities and activities associated with acidic coal-mine drainage in Appalachia, USA 57 A
Jingting Xu and Yang Dai Inferring genome-wide absolute methylation level from DNA enrichment experiment
58 B
Travis Pero Leptin A Knock-out Mutation Alters Fat Metabolism Pathways in Zebrafish 59 A
Chris Walsh Leptin A Knockout Studied With RNASeq 60 B
Kai Wang and Chun Liang piRNN: Deep Neural Network for piRNA prediction 61 A
Shawn Gu and Tijana Milenkovic From Homogeneous to Heterogeneous Network Alignment 62 B
Taylor Miller-Ensminger, Catherine Putonti and Jason Shapiro An Investigation Into the Evolution and Ecology of Lactococcus and Gardnerella Phages 63 A
Joseph Haddad, Timothy W. O'Neil and Haitao Zhao Accelerated Sparse Conditional Gaussian Graphical Models 64 B
Caleb Kupetz, Joe Haddad and Anthony Deeter Genomic Dataset Extraction Application 65 A
Duc Do and Serdar Bozdag A novel method to infer cancer-specific competing endogenous RNA networks 66 B
Alperen Dalkiran, Ahmet Süreyya Rifaioğlu, Tunca Dogan, Volkan Atalay, Maria Martin and Rengul Cetin-Atalay ECPred: An Automated Enzymatic Function Prediction Tool Based on Combination of Different Classifiers 67 A
Aditya Rao, Saipradeep Vg, Thomas Joseph, Sujatha Kotte, Naveen Sivadasan and Rajgopal Srinivasan Text-Mining Of MEDLINE For Rare Disease Studies
68 B
Daniel Wickland, Karen Hudson and Matthew Hudson A genotyping-by-sequencing bioinformatics pipeline optimized for accurate, simplified data processing 69 A
Amrita Roy Choudhury and Yanli Wang Analyzing the single nucleotide variations (SNVs) associated with protein-drug binding sites and neighboring residues 70 B
Nick Predey, Jason Shapiro and Catherine Putonti Representing Complex Viral Communities as Networks 71 A
Kymberleigh Pagel, Vikas Pejaver, Guan Ning Lin, Hyunjun Nam, Matthew Mort, David Cooper, Jonathan Sebat, Lilia Iakoucheva, Sean Mooney and Predrag Radivojac Functional signatures and impact of loss-of-function genetic variants
72 B
Jayanthi Gangiredla, Carmen Tartera, Mark Mammel, Tammy Barnaba, Britt Freeman, Keith Lampel and Chris Elkins Systems biology study of gut microbiota composition and functional profiling using a novel kmer database to monitor changes in diet
73 A
Seyedsasan Hashemikhabir and Sarath Janga Uncovering the RNA editing landscape in Glioblastoma to identify a compendium of prognostic editing alterations to classify cancer subtypes 74 B
Shang Gao, Trevor Leonardo, Xiaofeng Zhou and Yang Dai An integrative analysis of microRNA and mRNA expression data of head and neck cancer 75 A
Yusuf Barudi Genomic Data Pooling to Identify Differentially Expressed Genes in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) 76 B
Megan Hagenauer, Jun Li, David Walsh, Marquis Vawter, Robert Thompson, Cortney Turner, William Bunney, Richard Myers, Jack Barchas, Alan Schatzberg, Stanley Watson and Huda Akil Inference of cell type composition from human brain transcriptomic datasets illuminates the effects of age, manner of death, dissection, and psychiatric diagnosis
77 A
Danny Baghdan, Lauren Mogil, Carlos Perez-Cervantes and Heather Wheeler Transcriptome-based Association Study Comparing Susceptibility to Multiple Cancer Types 78 B
Geysa Fernandes, Cauanne Linhares, Angela Andaleon, A. Laryssa Seabra, Sarah Wohler, Darwin Gutierrez, Catherine Putonti and Mark V. Albert Efficient probabilistic nucleotide sequence matching and aggregate analysis using k-mer feature vectors
79 A
Subhanwita Ghosh, Bruce S. Levison, Sadik Khuder, Fatimah K. Khalaf, Andrew L. Kleinhenz, Erin L. Crawford, Deepak Malhotra and David J. Kennedy Regulatory Mechanisms of Cardiotonic Steroids in Chronic Kidney Disease
80 B
Alexa Badalamenti, Virginia Saulnier, Natalie Jachym, Amani Almatrafi, Jeffrey Ng, Shyam Shah and Heather Wheeler Gene expression predictive performance varies across populations
81 A
Lorena Pantano Rubino, Francisco Pantano Rubino, Eulalia Marti and Shannan Ho Sui Visualization of the small RNA transcriptome using seqclusterViz
82 B
Kimberly Mackay, Christopher Eskiw and Anthony Kusalik Graph-Based Visualization of Whole-Genome Contact Maps 83 A
Sean Rodaitis Parallel Coordinate Gene Expression Analysis of Lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) and Lung squamous cell carcinoma (LUSC) 84 B
Brittany Baur and Serdar Bozdag
CARMMA: A computational pipeline to detect cancer-related miRNA-gene modules and associated disrupted biological processes 85 A
Yuxiang Jiang, Shawn Peng and Predrag Radivojac How many consistent subgraphs are there in biomedical ontologies as directed acyclic graphs? 86 B
Genki Terashi and Daisuke Kihara MAINMAST: Building main-chain models for medium resolution electron microscopy maps 87 A
Zhengdeng Lei, Hong Hu, George Chlipala, Pinal Kanabar, Morris Chukhman and Mark Maienschein-Cline Genomic signatures to guide gastric cancer chemotherapy
88 B
Lyman Monoe, Genki Terashi and Daisuke Kihara How reliable are protein structures determined by electron microscopy? 89 A
Arunachalam Ramaiah, Amanda J. Williams-Newkirk, Michael A. Frace, Maria L. Zambrano and Gregory A. Dasch Genome Evolution of Coxiella-Like Endosymbionts in the Ticks, Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Amblyomma americanum 90 B
Jyothi Thota, Marek A. Tutaj, Jennifer R. Smith, Jeffrey J. De Pons, Stanley L. Laulederkind, G. Thomas Hayman, Victoria Petri, Shur-Jen Wang and Mary E. Shimoyama Interviewer, a Cytoscape-based tool to visualize protein-protein interaction network 91 A
Paul J. Risteca and John J. Kelly
Spatial variability in the composition of bacterial biofilms in drinking water pipes 92 B
Ye Zheng, Ferhat Ay and Sunduz Keles Statistical Methods for Profiling 3-Dimentional Chromatin Interactions from Repetitive Regions of the Genome 93 A
Woong-Hee Shin and Daisuke Kihara PL-PatchSurfer2: a virtual screening method tolerant to receptor structure variation using surface-patch matching 94 B
Deborah Chasman, Alireza Fotuhi Siahpirani, Maria Estevez Silva, Randolph S Ashton and Sushmita Roy Characterizing expression state dynamics and regulatory networks in early neural development 95 A
Anthony Deeter, Mark Dalman and Zhong-Hui Duan A comparison between lung adenocarcinoma and lung squamous cell carcinoma using genetic interaction inferences 96 B
Madara Hetti-Arachchilage and Helen Piontkivska Molecular coevolutionary analysis of HIV-1 protein-protein interaction interfaces 97 A
Amira Kefi, Lingling Huang and Chunyu Liu Identification of novel transcripts in brain tissue using third generation sequencing: ISO-seq 98 B
Anna Terebus, Chun Liu and Jie Liang Accurate Computation of Probability Velocity and Flux Fields in Stochastic Networks 99 A
Lila Rieber and Shaun Mahony
3-D Human Genome Structures at Kilobase Resolution 100 B
Hasitha Premathilake, Katie Grausam, Haotian Zhao and Erliang Zeng Atonal homolog 1 promotes metastasis of Sonic Hedgehog subgroup medulloblastoma: An integrative analysis of multi-omics data 101 A
Aashish Jain and Daisuke Kihara Phylo-PFP: Highly accurate phylogenomics based protein function prediction method 102 B
Daniel Mogollon and Jonathon Mohl A computational pipeline for predicting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) 103 A
Matthew Tuttle Genetic Cataloguing of the 2014 Sierra Leone Ebolavirus RNA Genome 104 B
Ali Navid, Yongqin Jiao, Benjamin Stewart and Wayne Harris System-Level Multi-Objective Flux Analysis of Metabolism in Chlostridium phytoferementans For Optimal Production of Biofuels 105 A
Olivia Hershey and Hazel Barton Validation of low-biomass aquifer sampling technique by 16S rRNA community analysis 106 B
Thevaa Chandereng and Anthony Gitter Time Series Clustering with Lag Penalized Weighted Correlation 107 A
Adithya Murali, Aniruddha Bhargava and Erik Wright Substantially Improving Accuracy of Sequence Classification for Microbiome Surveys 108 B
Jasen Jackson and Howard Laten Investigating the Role of LTR Retrotransposon Insertions in the Domestication of Soybean 109 A
Evan Cudone, Laurynas Kalesinskas and Qunfeng Dong GxA: A Tool for Creating and Analyzing Gene Co-Expression Networks 110 B
Rahul Shaju and Howard Laten Determining the Mechanism of Evolution in Trifolium repens by Analyzing Retrotransposon Activity 111 A
Jinyu Yang and Qin Ma Regulatory DNA motif identification by integrating DNA shape in a deep learning framework 112 B
Kayla Calapa, Olivia Hershey and Hazel Barton Taking a look at the ultra-small side of life: microbial diversity of Wind Cave 113 A
Miyuraj Harishchandra Hikkaduwa Withanage, Laura Joy White, Senthil Subramanian and Erliang Zeng Functional and network analysis of soybean rhizosphere bacterial communities influenced by isoflavonoids using metagenomics data
115 A
Michael Sierk, Hayley Orndorf, William Morgan and Sam Donovan NIBLSE Incubators: A community based model for improving access to bioinformatics learning resources 116 B
Vatsal Mehra, Valerie Trapp-Stamborski, Mary Shimoyama, Lars Olson and Serdar Bozdag SNPredict: A novel pipeline for detecting low frequency variants in unmatched normal and tumor datasets 117 A
Laurynas Kalesinskas, Nicholas Predey, Maxwell Kelly, Evan Cudone and Catherine Putonti KScope: A Fast Machine Learning Composition-Based Functional Classification Tool
118 B
Carla Mann and Drena Dobbs Predicted Protein Intrinsic Disorder Improves in silico Identification of RNA-Protein Interaction Partners 119 A
Taejeong Bae, Flora Vaccarino and Alexej Abyzov Comprehensive profiling of somatic mosaicism in the human brain 120 B
Morris Chukhman, Jian-Lei Gu, Cong Liu, Mark Maienschein-Cline, Hong Hu, George Chlipala, Pinal Kanabar, Zhengdeng Lei, Hui Lu and Neil Bahroos scRNA-seq Support for Internal Fusion Clone Ratio as Heterogeneity Metric in Glioblastoma Multiform
121 A
Hong Hu, Zhengdeng Lei, George Chlipala, Morris Chukhman, Pinal Kanabar and Mark Maienschein-Cline Infer functional Transcription Factor Binding from Gene Expression Time Course data using Lasso regression 122 B
Rachael Wasikowski, Jennifer K. Holmes, Andrea Doseff, Erich Grotewold and John Gray Phylogenomic Analysis of the PLATZ family of Transcriptional Regulators in Plants
123 A
Subin Park, Fernanda Nascimento, Jessica Hofstetter, Michael Arrowood, Yvonne Qvarnstrom and Eldin Talundzic Identifying Potential Genetic Markers for the Molecular Surveillance of Cyclosporiasis Outbreaks 124 B
Salman Akthar, Rishikesh Savaliya and Sushma Reddy Using morphometrics to study shape variation of an adaptive radiation 125 A
Haris Ahmad, Osama Hamzeh, Abed Alkhateeb and Luis Rueda An Open Source Machine Learning Tool for Identifying Biomarkers in Next Generation Sequencing 126 B
Sajad Mirzaei and Yufeng Wu RENT+: An Improved Method for Inferring Local Genealogical Trees from Haplotypes with Recombination 127 A
Ceth Parker, Augusto Auler, Michael Barton, Ira Sasowsky, John Senko and Hazel Barton The Role of Fermentative Iron-Reducing Bacteria in Iron Ore Cave Formation 130 B
Daniel Magee and Matthew Scotch A pipeline for production of BEAST XML files with generalized linear model specifications 131 A
Xinan Yang, Fangming Tang, Jisu Shin and John Cunningham A systematic discovery of Roniciclib targeting cMyc-regulated stem cell-like signature in high-risk neuroblastoma 132 B
Laura Krance and Thomas Sanger Expression of Heat Shock Protein Genes in Anolis sagrei embryos under thermal stress 133 A
Jose Lugo-Martinez and Predrag Radivojac New framework for classification in biological networks 134 B
Yichao Li and Lonnie Welch Reverse engineering of the human genome: predicting protein-DNA interactions across multiple cell types 135 A
Stuart Matan-Lithwick, Noriyuki Kijima, Laura Donovan, Sorana Morrissy, Livia Garzia, Florence M.G. Cavalli, Gary Bader and Michael Taylor Setting the Stage for Metastasis: Specific Profiles of Pathway Activity in Medulloblastoma Primary Tumours Correlate with Metastasis 136 B
Zhixiu Lu, Sagar Patel, Anne Fennell and Erliang Zeng Merging two grape genome assemblies iteratively improves the quality 137 A
Erica Depasquale, Jennifer McGuire and Robert McCullumsmith Serine-threonine kinome array analysis in traumatic brain injury 138 B
Jing Hu and Bryan Andrews Distinguishing long non-coding RNAs from mRNAs using a two-stage classifier 139 A
Aseel Awdeh and Theodore Perkins Analysis of ChIP-seq Controls 140 B
Gabriel Al-Ghalith and Dan Knights EMBALMER guarantees optimal short-read alignment at speed of heuristic aligners 141 A
Cheng Yong Tham and Touati Benoukraf Characterizing Structural Variants in Acute Myeloid Leukemia using Long and Short Read Sequencing 142 B
Touati Benoukraf, Xiaoxuan Lin, Khadija Rebbani and Sudhakar Jha Evidences for the Role of ZBTB33 (Kaiso) in Heterochromatin Priming 143 A
Taylor Brooks, Remi Jones, Antoinesha Hollman and Raphael Isokpehi Stress Response Equipped Actinomyces Operon for Sugar Transport and Metabolism 144 B
Maryam Rabiee, Erfan Sayyari and Siavash Mirarab Multi-allele species reconstruction using ASTRAL 145 A
Amir Bayegan and Peter Clote MS2 Distance Between Two RNA Secondary Structures 146 B
Brenda Xiao, Theodore Roman and Russell Schwartz Using Heterogeneous Tumor Features to Predict Vital Status in Breast Cancer Patients 147 A
Ji Woong Park, Jay Jiang, Chris Chow and Tim Peterson Systematic approaches to identify novel orphan genes in bone homeostasis 148 B
Filipe Liu, Isabel Rocha and Miguel Rocha Metabolic integration using graph databases 149 A
Junyu Li, Matthew Kendzior, Liudmila Mainzer and Matthew Hudson Reference-guided Variant Calling for Non-Reference Non-Repetitive Sequence in Glycine max 150 B
Kalpana Raja, Matthew Patrick and Lam C Tsoi Using disease co-occurrence to promote new gene prediction for complex diseases 151 A
Naureen Aslam Khattak, Hongtao Li and Yongsheng Bai The Prediction and Visualization of miRNA and mRNA Pair Associated in Breast Cancer 152 B
M. Joseph Tomlinson Iv and Behnam Abasht Comparison of Allele Specific Expression in Various Tissues of Chickens 153 A
Clayton Collings Links between DNA methylation and nucleosome occupancy in the human genome​ 154 B
John Cole A Careful Accounting of Extrinsic Noise in Protein Expression Reveals Correlations Among its Sources 155 A