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GLBIO 2017 | May 15- 17, 2017 | Univ. of Illinois at Chicago |Salsa Night

Join us for Salsa Night!

Alhambra Palace, Flamenco Dancers Credit: ©Choose Chicago
Alhambra Palace, Flamenco Dancers
Credit: ©Choose Chicago
Alhambra Palace
Alhambra Palace
Alhambra Palace

Tuesday evening we invite all attendees to join the GLBIO Program Chairs for a fun night of Salsa Dancing at Alhambra Palace.  

Doors open at 7pm with lessons and dancing begins
at 9pm and goes until after midnight!

•    Special admission discount for GLBIO 2017 participants
•    All those with a GLBIO Conference badge will have the cover charge waived.

Have dinner in the restaurant beforehand.  
•    Grab some friends and make a reservation.
•    In the Special Request area of the reservation put GLBIO.
•    Please make your dinner reservations by May 7th to ensure the restaurant is able to accommodate us.

*This is an ON OWN event.  Attendees are responsible for all expenses.