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May 16 -19, 2016 |Poster Presentations


Poster Session A - Tuesday, 12:25 pm - 2:00 pm, with lunch
Location: Alumni Hall

Poster Session B - Wednesday, 12:20 pm - 2:00 pm, with lunch
Location: Alumni Hall


  • If you are in Session A, you may set up your poster any time between 8:30 am and Noon on Tuesday and must remove your poster by 5pm on Tuesday. All remaining posters will be discarded.
  • If you are in Session B, you may set up your poster any time between 8:30 am and Noon on Wednesday and must remove your poster by 5pm on Wednesday. All remaining posters will be discarded.

As of May 17, 2016. Subject to change without notice.

Nithum Thain, Aldo Crossa , Barun Mathema, Ted Cohen, Leonid Chindelevitch
StackTB: a machine learning-based method for classifying TB strains from MIRU-VNTR data  1 A
Olaitan Awe, Angela Makolo and Segun Fatumo
The Interrelationships Between Ebola and Lassa virus: A Comparative Genomics Perspective

2 B
Jiun Yen, Glenda Gillaspy and Ryan Senger A genome-scale algorithmic approach for metabolic engineering of plants 3 A
Waldo Acevedo, Danilo González and Eduardo Agosin Docking and Molecular Dynamics Studies on the Interaction of Steviol Glycosides with Human Bitter Taste Receptors
4 B
Waldo Acevedo, Danilo González and Eduardo Agosin Docking and Molecular Dynamics Studies on the Interaction of Non-caloric Sweeteners with Human Sweet Taste Receptor
5 A
Armin Rouhi, Janneke Wit and James Wasmuth Investigating the usefulness of long-read sequencing technologies on the study of large eukaryotic gene families 6 B
Robert Flight and Hunter Moseley
Visualizing the Effects of Data Transformations on Errors 7 A
Jeremy Cox, Richard Ballweg, Prakash Velayutham, David Haslam and Alexey Porollo An Accurate RNAseq-based Protocol for Metagenomic Taxonomy Classification 8 B
Valeriia Sherina and Matthew McCall Modeling of non-detects in qPCR 9 A
Dirk Bullock Statistical Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Spinal Nerve Ligated Rats using RNA-seq
10 B
Albi Celaj, Nozomu Yachie, Louai Musa, Minjeong Ko, Marinella Gebbia, Shijie Zhou, Benjamin Grys, Tina Sing, Tiffany Fong and Frederick Roth Widespread complex genetic bases of ABC transporter mediated drug resistance in S. cerevisiae revealed through an engineered population profiling strategy 11 A
Khadija El Amrani, Nancy Mah, Miguel Andrade-Navarro and Andreas Kurtz Gene expression profile based sample classification
12 B
Devendra Biswal, Manish Debnath, Ruchishree Konhar, Jean Valrie and Pramod Tandon Age estimation for the genus Cymbidium (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) with implementation of fossil data calibration using molecular markers (ITS2 & matK) and phylogeographic inference from ancestral area reconstruction. 13 A
Devendra Biswal, Manish Debnath, Srinivasan Ramachandran, Anupam Chatterjee and Veena Tandon Ancestral area reconstruction and genetic variation of Paragonimus westermani (Trematoda: Digenea) and its position within the genus Paragonimus: an in silico study using ITS2 and COXI sequences
14 B
Ruipeng Lu and Peter K. Rogan Predicting cis-regulation in human promoters by information density-based clustering of heterotypic transcription factor binding sites
15 A
Jean-Michel Garant, Michelle S. Scott and Jean-Pierre Perreault Towards better identification of potential RNA G-Quadruplexes using machine learning
16 B
Vincent Boivin, Sonia Couture, Sherif Abou Elela and Michelle Scott Finding novel tragets of snoRNAs influencing alternative splicing and gene expression.
17 A
Kimberly MacKay, Zoe Gillespie, Brett Trost, Christopher Eskiw and Anthony Kusalik Computational Prediction of Key Transcription Factors Involved in Regulating the Cellular Response to Rapamycin
18 B
Nathaniel Bryans, Chenzhe Qian and A.P. Jason de Koning Advances in Detecting Convergent Sequence Evolution at Phylogenomic Scales
19 A
Larisa Fedorova, Alexei Fedorov, Rajib Dutta, Shuhao Qiu and Ahmed Al-Khudhair Cryptic Genetic Relatedness Among 1000 Human Genomes
20 B
Prabhjeet Basra, Gabriela Bernal-Astrain and Alex Wong Covariation between rates of substitution and levels of quinolone resistance in clinical isolates of Escherichia coli
21 A
Fazle Faisal and Tijana Milenkovic Novel strategies for dynamic analysis and alignment of biological networks and their interdisciplinary applications
22 B
Frances Hauser, Portia Tang, Ryan Schott, Gianni Castiglione, Alexander Van Nynatten, Elise Heon and Belinda Chang Application of codon-based evolutionary models in the prediction and validation of pathogenic mutations
23 A
Sonja Dunemann, Matthew Workentine, Cameron Goater, John Gilleard, James Wasmuth and Doug Colwell An -omics approach to improve diagnosis and treatment of the lancet liver fluke
24 B
Pamela Wu and David Fenyo Deciphering epigenetic signatures underlying coding status and cell-type specificity 25 A
Maureen Smith, Redmond Smyth, Roland Marquet and Max von Kleist MIMEAnTo– A bioinformatics tool to profile functional RNA 26 B
Katie Ovens, Ian McQuillan, Patsy Gómez-Picos and Brian Eames Analysis of biclustering algorithms using high dimensional gene expression data from skeletal tissues 27 A
Muhammad Ayaz Anwar and Sangdun Choi Complex-proficient while being signaling-deficient: insight into the effects of mutations on TLR4 function 28 B
Ben Busby
NCBI and Regional Data Science, Bioinformatics and Genomics Hackathons! 29 A
Eric Ho Codon Usage Under the Lens of Machine Learning 30 B
Matthew R. Weber, Zachary D. Stephens, Liudmila S. Mainzer, Matthew Hudson, B. F. Francis Ouellette and Morgan Taschuk Statistical Models to Capture Mutational Properties for NextGen Sequencing Data
31 A
Chacha Issarow Assessment of the vaccine on tuberculosis control using age-structured mathematical model 32 B
Lihong Yin, Farahnaz Rahmatpanah, Michael McClelland, Dan Mercola, Jun Ye and Zhenyu Jia Identification of age associated differentially expressed genes in prostate cancer 33 A
Shuying Sun and Xiaoqing Yu Challenges and opportunities of differential methylation identification using bisulfite sequencing data 34 B
Amanda Ernlund and Shubha Dhage Redefining the breast tumor margin utilizing a computational genomic ruler of tumor and tumor-adjacent normal tissue 35 A
Deena Gendoo, Alexandra Pandyra, Peter Mullen, Joseph Longo, Jenna van Leeuwen, Linda Penn and Benjamin Haibe-Kains Identification of Dipyridamole Analogues for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia using Computational Pharmacogenomics Approaches 36 B
Abraham Moller and Chun Liang Mapping environmental virus-host interactions in solar salterns through metagenomics 37 A
Fabien Dupuis-Sandoval, Michelle Scott, Douglas Wu, Ryan Nottingham, Sherif Abou Elela and Alan Lambowitz Study of alternative snoRNAs characterization methods by deep sequencing
38 B
Daniel Morris, Ram Khattri, Stephanie Bilinovich and Thomas Leeper Fragment Warheads for Selective Drug Design against Bacterial Glutaredoxins 39 A
Piyush Priya and Gitanjali Yadav Terpene Synthases: The Mechanistically Intriguing Family of Enzymes Generating the Enormous Terpenome 40 B
Nil Sahin, Erin Styles, Adrian Verster, Quaid Morris and Brenda Andrews A Morphology Profile Pipeline for Genome-wide Screens in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 41 A
Daniel Kurtz, Gregory Moyerbrailean, Allison Richards, Omar Davis, Chris Harvey, Adnan Alazizi, Donovan Watza, Yoram Sorokin, Nancy Hauff, Francesca Luca and Roger Pique-Regi Gene expression networks of transcriptional response to 78 cellular environment perturbations 42 B
Madara Hetti Arachchilage, Brett Lowden and Helen Piontkivska
Mapping multi-protein-interface-interaction network in HIV-1 pre-integration complex (PIC) 43 A
Marilyn Hayden, Frank Drews and Lonnie Welch Next Generation Pathway Analysis: Increasing Sensitivity and Accuracy by Incorporating Regulatory Elements 44 B
Kai Wang and Chun Liang CRF: a web server for detecting CRISPRs in microbe genome 45 A
Alexandra Taraboletti and Leah Shriver Cuprizone intoxication perturbs central nervous system metabolism 46 B
Yixun Li, Luis Rueda and Alioune Ngom Prediction of High-throughput Protein-protein Interactions Using Short Linear Motifs 47 A
Ewy Mathe, Elizabeth Baskin and Senyang Hu Leveraging integrative gene expression and metabolomics analysis to define molecular cancer signatures
48 B
Shirley Hui, Asha Rostamianfar and Gary Bader Large-scale GWAS pathway analysis identifies several breast cancer susceptibility pathways 49 A
Mehran Karimzadeh and Michael M. Hoffman Transcription factor expression and its effects on binding site occupancy and motif preference 50 B
Seyed Ali Madani Tonekaboni, Laleh Soltan Ghoraie and Benjamin Haibe-Kains Identification of transcriptional patterns conserved across in vitro and in vivo cancer samples 51 A
Lina Wadi, Mona Meyer and Jüri Reimand Dramatic impact of knowledge accumulation on pathway enrichment analysis 52 B
Venkata Manem, Sadiq Saleh, Nicholas Bertos, Morag Park and Benjamin Haibe-Kains Using networks to identify key players in breast cancer microenvironment interactions 53 A
Michael Dong and Nicholas Provart Protein-ligand interaction exploration based on proteome-wide tertiary structure prediction and further in vitro validation 54 B
Ruth Isserlin, Mike Kucera, Veronique Voisin and Gary D. Bader Enrichment Map Pipeline– a set of Cytoscape apps to visualize, explore and summarize pathway enrichment results 55 A
Peter Ulintz, Jeanne Geskes, Melissa Coon, Patricia Tamsen, Elizabeth Ketterer, Angela Chidester, Christopher Gates, Erika Koppe, Craig Johnson, Elena Stoffel, Richard McEachin and Robert Lyons Performance comparison of targeted gene panel sequencing technologies using several cancer sample types 56 B
Nirvana Nursimulu, Swapna Seshadri and John Parkinson How to be a good parasite 57 A
Zunping Luo, Lingdi Zhang, Pavitra Rao, Swapna Uplekar, Daniel Hupalo and Jane Carlton Genome Sequencing and De Novo Assembly of a Clinical Isolate of Plasmodium vivax Malaria from India Using the Oxford Nanopore MinION 58 B
Shruti Srivastava, Derek McKay and James Wasmuth In-silico investigation of parasite proteomes to predict immune mimicking proteins 59 A
Mohamed Helmy, Alexander Crits-Christoph, Omar Wagih and Gary Bader Can-VD: Data Standard and Online Resource for Reporting Mutations Impact on Cancer Protein Interaction Networks 60 B
Joseph Haddad, Anthony Deeter, Zhong-Hui Duan and Timothy O'Neil Analysis of Parallel Bayesian Network Learning 61 A
Olivia S. Hershey and Hazel A. Barton Starving in the Dark: The Impact of Ultra-Small Cells on a Groundwater Microbial Community 62 B
Minggao Liang, Liis Liis Uusküla-Reimand, Shiao Yuan Huang, Huayun Hou, Alejandra Medina-Rivera and Michael Wilson
Dissecting the properties of spatially-coordinated combinatorial transcription factor binding using ChIP-exo and evolutionary conservation 63 A
Monjur Morshed, Brian Ingalls and Silvana Ilie An efficient finite-difference strategy for sensitivity analysis of stochastic models of biochemical systems 64 B
Fiona Whelan and Michael Surette sl1p: A computational pipeline for the processing and analysis of 16S rRNA microbiome sequencing data 65 A
Emilee Holtzapple, K. Wyatt McMahon, Lonnie Welch and Karen Coschigano
RelA as a Potential Regulator of Inflammation and Tissue Damage in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic STAT5 Knockout Mice
66 B
Huayun Hou, Liis Uusküla-Reimand, Payman Samavarchi-Tehrani, Matteo Vietri Rudan, Minggao Liang, Jüri Reimand, Suzana Hadjur, Anne-Claude Gingras and Michael Wilson Topoisomerase II beta interacts with cohesin and CTCF at topological domain borders 67 A
Swapna Seshadri, Zhongming Hu, Verena Brand, Xuejian Xiong, Michael E. Grigg, Andrew Emili and John Parkinson Applying a co-elution strategy to generate the first genome scale protein interaction network for T. gondii
68 B
Mary Halpin and Helen Piontkivska Mutation patterns in Ebola may shine light on future outbreaks 69 A
Zhengdeng Lei, Mark Maienscheincline, Hong Hu, Pinal Kanabar, Morris Chukhman, George Chlipala, Neil Bahroos, Ankit Desai and Roberto Machado Identification of subtypes of sickle cell disease with different prognosis and severity
70 B
Kevin Ha, Benjamin Blencowe and Quaid Morris Systematic analysis of alternative polyadenylation regulatory mechanisms from RNA-Seq 71 A
Kelly Boyd, Amanda Misch, Emma Highland, Catherine Putonti and Sushma Reddy Extracting more from transcriptomes: assessing their utility for comparative analyses across birds 72 B
Chris Cremer and Quaid Morris Deconvolving gene expression profiles for tumor populations with prior frequency information 73 A
Midhun Kathanaruparambil Sukumaran, Marc R. Roussel and Brian P. Ingalls A novel model reduction approach for the Chemical Master Equation 74 B
Brian Powell Large Scale Analysis of Predicting Subcellular Locations of Proteins Represented by Chaos Game Theory 75 A
Jeff Wintersinger, Amit Deshwar and Quaid Morris Scaling cancer subpopulation phylogeny reconstruction to thousands of tumors 76 B
David Bujold GenAP: A computing platform for life sciences research 77 A
Sebastian Raschka, Leslie A. Kuhn, Weiming Li, Mar Huertas and Anne M. Scott Screenlamp: Screenlamp: A software framework for hypothesis-driven ligand discovery based on virtual screening and machine learning 78 B
Katherina Baranova, Eliseos Mucaki, Dimo Angelov, Dan Lizotte and Peter Rogan Cisplatin Response Prediction in Recurrent Bladder Cancer using Biochemically-inspired Machine Learning 79 A
Alysha Cypher and Brian Bagatto Lipid composition and cardiovascular health of Danio rerio larvae with maternal and embryonic exposure to endocrine disruptors (EDs) 80 B
Sreeskandarajan Sutharzan, Chun Liang and John Karro FindIR2: A MATLAB-based tool for accurate detection of imperfect inverted repeats in DNA sequences 81 A
Brittany Baur and Serdar Bozdag Reverse engineering gene regulatory networks from structural and epigenetic data 82 B
Ryan Schott, Daniel Gow and Belinda Chang RSAT: A toolkit for rapid generation and analysis of protein-coding sequence datasets 83 A
Shagun Sharma, John Senko and Mathew Lee Comparision of Response of Pristine Soil Microbial Community to the Intrusion of Coal Mine-Derived Acid Mine Drainage from Two Different Sites 84 B
Parisa Mazrooei, Tahmid Mehdi, Anna Goldenberg and Mathieu Lupien Identifying the role of noncoding single nucleotide variants (SNVs) on transcription factors activity in liver cancer 85 A
Jennifer K. Holmes, Rachael A. Wasikowski, Michael W. Scott, Frank McFarland, Erich Grotewold, Andrea I. Doseff and John Gray Phylogenomic Analysis of the TRAF family of Co-regulators in Maize 86 B
Mark Maienschein-Cline, Sophiya Karki, Zhengdeng Lei, Pinal Kanabar, George Chlipala, Hong Hu, Morris Chukhman, Neil Bahroos and Marcus Clark Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals allele-specific gene expression and rearrangement during V-J recombination 87 A
Gungor Budak and Sarath Janga Seten: A tool for systematic identification and comparison of processes, phenotypes and diseases associated with RNA-binding proteins from condition-specific CLIP-seq profiles 88 B
Nehme El-Hachem Decoding compound mechanism of action using integrative pharmacogenomics 89 A
Virginia Saulnier, Alexa Badalamenti, Jeffrey Ng, Shyam Shah and Dr. Heather Wheeler Predicting Gene Regulation in Diverse Global Populations 90 B
Mickaël Mendez, Eric G Roberts and Michael M Hoffman Semi-automated transcriptome annotation with SegRNA 91 A
Beatriz E. Lujan-Toro, Connie Sauder, Owen Rowland and Sara L. Martin Whole Genome Assembly of Camelina microcarpa, a Resource for the Improvement of the Oilseed Crop Camelina sativa 92 B
Prashant Kumar Kuntala Gene regulation in Chagas Disease 93 A
Maureen Stolzer, Han Lai, Minli Xu, Rosanna G Alderson, Katherine Siewert and Dannie Durand NOTUNG-DM: Software for Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of Multidomain Proteins 94 B
Seth Munholland, Claudia Dinatale and William Crosby Innovating Traditional de novo Genomics Tools to Overcome Traditional Requirements of High Power Computational Platforms Under Modern Financial Restrictions 95 A
Claire Bertelli, Adrian C Lim, Gemma Hoad, Geoffrey L Winsor and Fiona S L Brinkman Enabling phyletic-based comparison and visualization of genomic islands for tens to hundreds of microbial genomes 96 B
Laurynas Kalesinskas, Evan Cudone and Catherine Putonti S-plot 2.0: A computational tool for the rapid identification of horizontally acquired elements within genomic sequences 97 A
Silva Konini, Jake O'Brien, Chun Peng and E J Janse van Rensburg Random Walk with Resistance and Solving Laplace’s Equation on MicroRNAs-Gene Interaction Networks 98 B
Anthony Deeter, Joseph Haddad, Zhong-Hui Duan and Mark Dalman Inferring Genetic Interactions using PubMed 99 A
Guenter Tusch, Shahrzad Eslamian, Krishna Nadiminti, Bhanu Yandrapragada and Raveena Pendyam Modeling Time Patterns in Gene Expression Profiling 100 B
Pingzhao Hu, Yang Wang and Huyen Le Gene Set – based Deep Neural Network Learning for Disease Classification 101 A
Christopher Cameron, Josée Dostie and Mathieu Blanchette Improved Hi-C Contact Maps by Adaptive Density Estimation 102 B
Julie A. Shay, Claire Bertelli, Bhavjinder K. Dhillon and Fiona S.L. Brinkman The utility of draft bacterial genomes for gene function analysis and genomic island prediction 103 A
Michael Levy, Kristin Kernohan, Yan Jiang and Nathalie Berube Regulation of genome-wide CTCF binding by MeCP2 104 B
George Chlipala, Ankur Naqib, Daniel May, Mark Maienschein-Cline, Pinal Kanabar, Zhengdeng Lei, Vincent Hu, Morris Chuckman, Orjala Jimmy, Stefan Green and Bahroos Neil Improving Taxonomic Annotation of 16S Amplicon Sequencing Data from Environmental Samples 105 A
Elham Rezaei, Brett Trost, Daniel Hogan, Tony Kusalik, Alan Rosenberg and The Bbop Study Consortium Biologically-Based Approach to Evaluate Classification Criteria for Chronic Childhood Arthritis 106 B
Wei Pan
Heterogeneity decreases diversity 107 A
Laurynas Kalesinskas, Travis K Price, Evann E Hilt, Alan J Wolfe and Catherine Putonti Facilitating Comparative Genomic Analysis of Novel Microbes: Examination of Lactobacillus crispatus in the Female Urinary Microbiome 108 B
Chris Walsh
Transcriptome analysis of diet indeed obesity in Zebrafish 109 A
Majed Shaheen, Travis Price, Evann Hilt, Krystal Thomas-White, Alan Wolfe and Catherine Putonti Analyzing Bacteria within the Bladder Microbiota 110 B
Farhad Maleki and Anthony Kusalik The Effect of Different Gene Set Scores on the Accuracy of Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Methods 111 A
Kun Nie and Quaid Morris Computational analysis of target specificity of Drosophila double-stranded RNA-binding protein Staufen 112 B
Rajneesh Srivastava, Gungor Budak and Sarath Chandra Janga Transcriptome analysis of developing lens reveals hundreds of novel transcripts and abundance of skipped exon as well as retained intronic splicing events 113 A
Alexander Van Nynatten, Nathan R Lovejoy and Belinda Sw Chang Visual evolution in marine derived Amazonian fishes 114 B
Morris Chukhman, Mark Maienschein-Cline, Pinal Kanabar, Cong Liu, George Chlipala, Zhengdeng Lei, Vincent Hu, Hui Lu and Neil Bahroos Heterogeneity Analysis of Gene Fusion in Glioblastoma 115 A
Matthew Tuttle Gene Set enrichment analysis of leptinA (lepA) in the embryonic zebrafish 116 B
Eduardo de Almeida Gutierrez and Belinda Chang Investigating the evolution of vision in Neotropical bats through comparative transcriptomics 117 A
Alvin Farrel and Jun-Tao Guo Structure-based prediction of homeodomain binding specificity using homology models and an integrative energy function 118 B
Tawny Cuykendall, In Sub Mark Han, Eric Minwei Liu and Ekta Khurana Predicting the functional indispensability of non-coding elements 119 A
Jonathan Chen and Donald Visco Developing a virtual high-throughput screening pipeline for faster drug discovery: Cathepsin-L lead identification and confirmation Developing a virtual high-throughput screening pipeline for faster drug discovery: Cathepsin-L lead identification and confirmation 120 B
Arnab Saha Mandal, Aaron Mathankeri and A.P. Jason De Koning TAIGA: A computational framework for predicting genotype to phenotype associations 121 A
Han Lai, Minli Xu, Maureen Stolzer, Rosanna Alderson and Dannie Durand NOTUNG 2.8: A Reconciliation Engine for Phylogenomics 122 B
Coby Viner, James Johnson, Nicolas Walker, Hui Shi, Marcela Sjoberg, David J. Adams, Anne C. Ferguson-Smith, Timothy L. Bailey and Michael M. Hoffman Modeling methyl-sensitive transcription factor motifs with an expanded epigenetic alphabet 123 A
Ceth Parker, John Senko, Ira Sasowsky, Hazel Barton and Augusto Auler Cultivation of Iron Reducing Bacteria from Iron Ore Caves 124 B
Kyle Smith, Vinod Yadav, Shanshan Pei, Dan Pollyea, Craig Jordan and Subhajyoti De SomVarIUS: Somatic variant identification from unpaired tissue samples 125 A
Matthew Mccall, Helene McMurray, Anthony Almudevar and Hartmut Land Estimation of a Regulatory Network of Cooperation Response Genes in a Model of Cancer Malignancy 126 B
Pravin Kumar, Anurag Kumar, Devashish Das and Naveen Kulkarni
A Novel Quantitative Insilico Method to Delineate the Mechanism of Enzyme Specificity-Provide Insights for Enzyme Engineering 127 A
Joachim von Wulffen, Andreas Ulmer, Oliver Sawodny and Ronny Feuer Gene-specific RNA elongation rates are different depending on the treatment triggering gene expression changes 128 B
Helen Piontkivska, Abdul Haseeb, Mohammad Makki An and Tariq Haqqi miRNome profiling in human osteoarthritis: complexity of 3’ modifications 129 A
Guangyan Zhou, Tim Geary, Mary Stevenson and Jianguo Xia Comprehensive transcriptome meta-analysis to characterize host immune responses in helminth infections 130 B
Florian Goebels, Zoran Minic, Sadhna Phanse, Gary Bader and Mohan Babu Phosphoproteomic analysis on mitochondria isolated from differentiated human neuronal cells identifies new phosphorylation sites on proteins linked to neurodegenerative disorders 131 A
Daniel Sánchez-Taltavull Optimal architecture of differentiation cascades with asymmetric and symmetric stem cell division 132 B
Md Shihab Hasan, Martha Zakrzewski, Don McManus and Lutz Krause Machine learning approach for identifying parasite immunoreactive proteins: example driven by Schistosoma genomes 133 A
Rahul Agarwal and Ashutosh Singh miCoRe: Colorectal Cancer miRNAs Database 134 B
Ehsaneddin Asgari and Mohammad R.K. Mofrad Neural Network Word Embeddings of Biological Sequences with Applications in Deep Proteomics and Genomics 135 A
Ahmed Elbassiouny, Ryan Schott, Belinda Chang and Nathan Lovejoy Genomic and Computational Approaches to Electrogenesis in Fishes 136 B
Houxiang Zhu, Lauren Misel, Mitchell Graham and Chun Liang CT-Finder: A Web Service for CRISPR Optimal Target Prediction and Visualization 137 A
Pingchuan Li, Sylvie Cloutier and Frank You RGAugury: A pipeline for genome-wide prediction of resistance gene analogs (RGAs) in plants 138 B
Sarah Dungan and Belinda Chang Using ancestral sequence reconstruction methods to predict functional evolution in cetacean rhodopsin over a major evolutionary transition 139 A
Chad Smithson and Chris Upton Base-By-Base v3: new tools for the comparative analysis of genomes 140 B
Sergey Aganezov and Max Alekseyev Multi-genome Scaffold Co-Assembly Based on the Analysis of Gene Orders and Genomic Repeats 141 A
Michele D'Agnillo, Iman Rezaeian, Alioune Ngom and Luis Rueda Machine Learning Approaches for Breast Cancer Subtypes Reveal Key Genes as Potential Biomarkers 142 B
Travers Ching and Lana Garmire Pan-Cancer Analyses Reveal Long Intergenic Non-Coding RNAs Relevant to Tumor Diagnosis, Subtyping and Prognosis 143 A
Sijia Huang and Lana Garmire Novel personalized pathway-based metabolomics models reveal key metabolic pathways for breast cancer diagnosis 144 B
André M. Comeau, Gavin M. Douglas and Morgan Langille Integrated Microbiome Resource (IMR): Developing an Open and Streamlined Experimental and Analysis Pipeline for Microbiome Research 145 A
Abed Alkhateeb, Iman Rezaeian and Luis Rueda Hierarchal Clustering based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Time Series transcriptomes profiles 146 B
Asmaa Elzawahry, Tsuyoshi Takahashi, Sachiyo Mimaki, Eisaku Furukawa, Rie Nakatsuka, Isao Kurosaka, Takahiko Nishigaki, Hiromi Nakamura, Satoshi Serada, Tetsuji Naka, Seiichi Hirota, Tatsuhiro Shibata, Katsuya Tsuchihara, Toshirou Nishida and Mamoru Kato Genomics and transcriptomic analysis of imatinib resistance in gastrointestinal stromal tumor 147 A
Gyeongmo Gu, Erkhembayar Jadamba and Miyoung Shin Computational drug repositioning through graph-based semi-supervised learning with genomic expression and drug-gene interaction network 148 B
Jinwoo Kim, Hyunjung Lee and Miyoung Shin Inferring genes sensitive to severity of toxicity symptom 149 A
Mrinalini Pandit, Mina Maleki, Nicholas J Carruthers, Paul Stemmer and Luis Rueda Prediction of Calmodulin-binding Proteins Using Canonical Motifs 150 B
Andrew Low and Alex Wong CoDuMIMM: Coevolution Detection using Mutual Information and Mutational Mapping 151 A
Ian Hsu and Alan Moses Modelling stochastic pulsatility of transcription factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 152 B
Hong Hu, Mark Maienschein-Cline, Zhengdeng Lei, Pinal Kanabar, George Chlipala, Morris Chukhman, Neil Bahroos and David Everly Identification of haplotypes in HLA using genetic variant calling from amplicon NGS data 153 A
Iman Rezaeian, Eliseos Mucaki, Katherina Baranova, Huy Pham Quang, Dimo Angelov, Lucian Ilie, Alioune Ngom, Luis Rueda and Peter Rogan Predicting patient outcomes of hormone therapy in the METABRIC breast cancer study 154 B
Caressa Tsai, Taraneh Zarin and Alan Moses Selection on quantitative traits within intrinsically disordered protein regions preserves functional output of phosphorylation sites 155 A
Louis Philip Benoit Bouvrette, Neal Cody, Julie Bergalet, Alexis Blanchet-Cohen, Xiaofeng Wang and Eric Lecuyer Systematic Characterization of Subcellular RNA Localization Through Fractionation-Sequencing 156 B
Christopher Cameron, Maia Kaplan, Alexandre Drouin, François Laviolette and Mathieu Blanchette Linking Transposable Elements to Chromatin Architecture in Arabidopsis thaliana 157 A
Jose Hector Galvez Lopez, Helen H. Tai, Martin Lague, Bernie Zebarth and Martina V. Stromvik The nitrogen responsive transcriptome in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) reveals significant gene regulatory motifs 158 B
Jeffrey Liu, Veronique Voisin, Changjiang Xu, Ruth Isserlin and Gary Bader A Comprehensive Map of Critical Pathways and Networks in Cancer Stem Cells 159 A
Jeffrey Wong, Gary Bader, Igor Rodchenkov, Chris Sander, Emek Demir and Ethan Cerami Pathway Commons: Single Point of Access to Biological Pathway Information 160 B
Patryk Skowron, Livia Garzia, Sorana Morrissy and Michael Taylor Convergent Evolution of Medulloblastoma Metastatic Tumors 161 A
Yared Kidane In silico Discovery of Candidate Transcriptional Biomarkers for Ionizing Radiation 162 B
Eric Marinier, Rahat Zaheer, Chrystal Berry, Kelly Weedmark, Michael Domaratzki, Philip Mabon, Natalie Knox, Aleisha Reimer, Morag Graham, The Lids-Ng Consortium and Gary Van Domselaar Neptune: Signature Discovery Software 163 A
Todd Riley, Cory Colaneri, Brandon Phan, Aadish Shah and Pritesh Patel The Affinity Data Bank for biophysical analysis of regulatory sequences 164 B
James Morton, Stefan Freed, Md Nafiz Hamid, Shaun Lee and Iddo Friedberg Mining for New Antimicrobials: Predicting Bacteriocin Gene Blocks 165 A
Yichao Li, Rami Al-Ouran and Lonnie Welch Discovering regulatory elements in co-expressed genes 166 B
Bachar Cheaib, Malo Le Boulch, Pierre-Luc Mercier and Nicolas Derome A Metagenomic perspective on the structure and function of Lake Microbial Communities exposed to toxic metal traces in short term evolution 167 A
Alexandre Drouin, Sébastien Giguère, Maxime Déraspe, Mario Marchand, Jacques Corbeil and François Laviolette Set Covering Machines and Reference-Free Genome Comparisons Uncover Predictive Biomarkers of Antibiotic Resistance 168 B