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MentorNet Report Card
ISCB joined the MentorNet
E-Mentoring Network as an Affiliated Partner in April, 2006 in an ongoing effort to enable ISCB professional members to serve as mentors, and student members to enroll as protégés through this award winning program. After our first year, although the uptake among all ISCB members has been somewhat slow, ISCB mentors have been in high demand. We are pleased to share the following data as a bit of a first report card.

  • 22 ISCB student and junior scientist members have signed up as protégés.
  • 28 ISCB professional members have signed up as mentors.
  • 8 ISCB protégés have been specifically matched to ISCB mentors upon request.
  • 11 ISCB student member protégés requested to be matched with an ISCB mentor but were matched instead with a non-ISCB mentor due to unavailability of sufficient ISCB mentors.
  • 93 of all MentorNet protégés requested to be matched with an ISCB mentor.

The above numbers indicate a very small ISCB member enrollment in MentorNet to date. Overall, MentorNet reports that there is a shortage of mentors in the bio fields, which contributes to the high demand for ISCB mentors. It is our hope that with time the ISCB participation in this program will grow to become a valuable benefit for many of our members.

As of this writing, the annual evaluations of MentorNet program participants have not yet been distributed, so a report on satisfaction levels among ISCB member mentors and protégés cannot yet be commented on. For all members who have
participated this past year, we encourage you to complete the evaluation form when received, in order that all future participants might benefit from your comments and suggestions.

If you would like to sign up as a mentor or protégé please visit www.mentornet.net to join the MentorNet community. Be sure to indicate your affiliation as an ISCB member and your preference (requirement, even) for an ISCB mentor or protégé match in your member profile.