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Third Student Symposium

The 3rd ISCB Student Council Symposium is being held Saturday, July 21st, in parallel to the ISMB/ECCB 2007 tutorial sessions in Vienna. Manuel Corpas and Nils Gehlenborg serve as Chairs, with Sarath Chandra Janga serving as Program Chair. Together with a program committee of 29 ISCB-SC members, they have created this event especially for students and young researchers in the field of computational biology. The program consists of:

  • Keynote presentations by Janet Thornton and Anna Tramontano;
  • Talks by 9 students/post docs selected from among 69 peer reviewed abstracts;
  • A panel discussion with Rita Casadio, Thomas Lengauer and Tan Tin Wee;
  • A poster session of over 40 posters;
  • And closing remarks by Reinhard Schneider

The symposium presents a unique opportunity for students/post docs to present their work to an international audience, build a network within the computational biology community and develop important soft skills in an environment that fosters exchange of ideas and knowledge. Over 100 delegates have already signed up, and on-site registration is allowed on a first come first served basis, space permitting.
Additional details about the SCS3 can be found at www.iscbsc.org, and online
registration is available at www.iwcb.org/ismbeccb2007/registration.

Student Council Symposium Review

As of this writing, the SCS3 (see column to the left) has achieved the following
pre-symposium statistics:

  • More than 100 delegates are registered.
  • Approximately $7500 has been raised from 5 sponsors.
  • 3 awards have been secured for best presentation (1), and best poster (2).
  • 69 abstracts were received through the submission system for review (68 accepted, 1 rejected).
  • 8 student abstracts have been selected and confirmed for oral presentation.
  • 15 people have served on the organizing committee.
  • 29 people have served on the program committee.
  • More than 4 months of preparation has gone into organizing the event.

What's new this year for SCS3?

$780 in travel fellowship funds have been awarded to each of 5 European
undergraduate/masters students based on abstract, merits and community

  • A survey identified popular keynote speakers.
  • A panel discussion has been organized with 5 high-profile scientists.
  • The program booklet includes 34 pages, including all
    68 abstracts.
  • The symposium series now has its own logo.
  • Publication of top 10 abstracts is very likely as sufficient funds have been raised for this.

Other noteworthy news:

  • The ISCB-SC is an Event Ambassador for The Source Event (www.thesourceevent.com), a science and career fair in London.
  • A letter written by people at the Sanger Institute that will appear in Nature Reviews Genetics mentions the Student Council Symposium as an example for student-run conferences.

All in all, the entire SC Leadership is very excited and extremely proud of what we have already accomplished for our event at ISMB/ECCB 2007, and look forward to a these months of effort come to a successful conclusion in Vienna. Of course, that simply marks the time to start planning for the next one, building a better program with each passing year. We hope you will join us.