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Welcome to ISMB/ECCB 2007!

On behalf of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB), I am pleased to welcome you to Vienna, Austria for the 15th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) being held jointly with the 6th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), July 21 through 25, 2007. If you are unable to come to Vienna and are reading this from afar, I am personally sorry you must miss this conference as it has shaped up to be the best ISMB and ECCB conference to date.

The ISMB conferences began in 1993 and have been the driving force for the founding of the ISCB in 1997, which has been organizing this conference ever since. ISCB is the only society representing computational biology on a worldwide scale and its flagship conference ISMB has become the largest conference on computational biology. ECCB has been organized annually since 2002 by a panel of European Computational Biologists and is the only pan-European conference series in this field. At Glasgow in 2004, ISMB and ECCB joined forces in a common meeting that was by many standards perceived as the most successful such meeting in computational biology.

ISMB/ECCB 2007 will present exciting advances in biology in ten keynote lectures. All other events will be given in eight parallel tracks: Two Paper tracks will present the top 66 papers that came through extremely rigorous reviewing of 418 submissions (16% acceptance); 41 Demonstrations will be given in parallel tracks; the PLoS Tracks will present 44 of the best unpublished works that continue a successful connection between ISMB and PLoS Computational Biology. New aspects this year are the six Special Sessions, the Industry Track, and two Highlights Tracks that will present 63 highlights from the last year’s publications. More emphasis has also been put on the 1,000+ posters that will be up throughout the meeting. The main meeting is preceded by two days of seven Special Interest Groups/Satellite Meetings (SIGs/SMs), a day of 14 tutorials, and a Student Council Symposium. Over 30 exhibitors and sponsors will also be present during the entire meeting and we are grateful for their financial support of ISMB/ECCB.

Please join me in thanking conference chair Thomas Lengauer and my co-chair
Peter Schuester, as well as the Scientific Organizing and Steering committee
members, Mario Albrecht, Dietlind Gerloff, Ivo Hofacker, Janet Kelso, Michal Linial, Marco Punta, Shoba Ranganathan, David Rocke, Hershel Safer, and Alfonso Valencia,. This conference has succeeded in strengthening the association between ISCB and ECCB. As ISCB President, I am extremely grateful to the immense efforts of Michal Linial (ECCB Steering Committee Chair), and her European colleagues. The selection of scientific presentations for demos, papers, highlights, PLoS abstracts, posters, and special sessions, as well as the special interest groups/satellite meetings, tutorials tracks and travel fellowship applications, have been the result of an undertaking of hundreds of scientists led by session chairs and topic area chairs. There are too many to name in this limited space, but my gratitude for their contributions to the overall quality of the scientific presentations at this conference is immense.

Special thanks also to Steven Leard and BJ Morrison McKay for their excellent
logistical work, to the local conference company Mondial, to the many local volunteers, and last but not least to the city of Vienna for welcoming and supporting us. If you are reading this in Vienna, I hope you find the meeting both enjoyable and illuminating, and I urge you to express your congratulations to the organizers on a fine effort. If in Vienna or not, please mark your calendar now for ISMB 2008 July 19-23, and ECCB 2008 September 22-26.