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Volume 11, Issue 1

President’s Letter

SCS4 Highlights

ISCB Honors
David Haussler
& Aviv Regev

The ISMB Organization
& Future Vision

PLoS Computational Biology Overview

11th Israeli Bioinformatics
Symposium Report

Taking a Stand on Software Sharing

ISCB Members Speak Out on US Entry Visa Issues

ISCB’s New Software
Sharing Statement


ISCB Student Council

Post Your Events with ISCB

MentorNet Report Card: Year Two

Calling all Leaders!

Become an ISMB Reporter

In Memory of
Kamalakar-Rao Mettani

FASEB Update

Rocky ‘08

Key Dates for Key Conferences

Conferences & Events

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Calling all Leaders!

Officer positions up for nomination are Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. ISCB bylaws require that ISCB Officers have served on the ISCB Board of Directors for at least one year before taking office. Therefore, potential nominees are limited to current and past board members, and are listed in a drop down menu on the nomination form. The deadline for submitting an Officer nomination is August 6, 2008.

Student Council Leaders positions being nominated are Representative to the ISCB Board of Directors, Student Council Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The deadline for submitting a Student Council Leader nomination is August 15, 2008.

Each candidate will be notified automatically of his or her nomination, and be asked to accept by completing a candidate questionnaire. Answers to the questionnaire will be available online to all ISCB members for participation in a question and answer period from September 3 through 10. Elections will be held online from September 15 – 28, 2008. Please visit www.iscb.org/call_nominations for further details on eligibility, as well as www.iscb.org/nominations for additional information on the ISCB nominations and elections procedures for 2008. And, be sure to nominate your favorite candidate today!