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Volume 11, Issue 1

President’s Letter

SCS4 Highlights

ISCB Honors
David Haussler
& Aviv Regev

The ISMB Organization
& Future Vision

PLoS Computational Biology Overview

11th Israeli Bioinformatics
Symposium Report

Taking a Stand on Software Sharing

ISCB Members Speak Out on US Entry Visa Issues

ISCB’s New Software
Sharing Statement


ISCB Student Council

Post Your Events with ISCB

MentorNet Report Card: Year Two

Calling all Leaders!

Become an ISMB Reporter

In Memory of
Kamalakar-Rao Mettani

FASEB Update

Rocky ‘08

Key Dates for Key Conferences

Conferences & Events

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Become an ISMB Reporter!

ISCB is looking for a few aspiring reporters, who also happen to be attending ISMB 2008 in Toronto. A small group of professional writers attend ISMB each year to publish conference reports in their respective journals and publications. This year we are also seeking a select corps of students and Jr. Scientists to take on the role of writing about the vast scientific content of the conference and the personal experience of participating in this large, international bioinformatics event. Submissions will be reviewed for posting to the ISMB website, and will be considered for publication in the designated ISCB pages of PLoS Computational Biology, the Society’s official journal, as a single author report or as part of a larger report compiled from the contributions of multiple authors.

If interested, please write to BJ Morrison McKay, ISCB Executive Officer, at bj@iscb.org. Inquiries from more senior scientists are welcome on behalf of an enthusiastic student/post doc, or even on your own behalf. If you are not reading this until the conference is already underway, just make contact with the ISCB Booth in the exhibition area to express your interest. First draft report submissions will be due within 30 days of the close of the conference.