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2003 New Member Campaign—Referral Incentive

It is amazing how quickly a year goes by. If it is true that time flies when one is having fun, then it is the ISCB’s sincere hope that the past year has been among the best of times for its members, their friends, colleagues, family, and loved ones.
This message comes from the ISCB directors and staff, who kicked off 2003 by partnering with the ISCB members for the 2003 membership drive. To encourage members to take action, ISCB has introduced a New Member Campaign designed to benefit both returning and new members. Members are encouraged to visit the online membership registration and renewal form (www.iscb.org/membership.shtml) which now includes the field “Referred by ISCB Member” and works as follows:

  • For every five NEW members who enter a referring member’s name in this field, the referring member will be awarded a complimentary ISCB membership for 2004. (A new member is anyone who has never been a member or has not renewed a previous membership since 1998.)
  • The top ten members listed most often by new members will be entered in a drawing at the end of the 2003 membership year for two complimentary conference registrations to ISMB 2004.
    • One for the referring member.
    • The other for a drawing among all the new members referred by that member.

Past members are encouraged to renew soon to continue their benefits as well as allow their friends and colleagues to list their ISCB membership referral. Whether new or returning to the ISCB, any member may take immediate advantage of all the benefits an ISCB membership brings. Remember, even new members can be the source of referrals. So spread the word!