President’s Letter
Strategic Planning to Strengthen the Society

Register for ISMB 2003
Registration and Tutorials Update

ISCB Board Nominations

ISMB 2003
Key Bioinformatics Event for 2003

Jim Kent
2003 Overton Prize Recipient

David Sankoff
2003 ISCB Senior Scientist Achievement Award

Best Paper Award by SGI

ISMB 2003 Committees

Sydney Brenner
Nobel Laureate to deliver Keynote Speech at ISMB 2003

Joint ISMB Conference will be held in Glasgow

ISMB 2006
Brazil Chosen as Host for First South American ISMB Conference

Affiliated Conferences
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2003

ISCB Staff Introduction

Affiliated Regional Groups
APBioNet and VanBUG

Events and Opportunities
Bioinformatics events world wide

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