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ISMB2004 will be held jointly with the third installation of the European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), a coordinated effort with Genes, Proteins and Computers VIII (GPCVIII). Organizers of the ISMB-ECCB 2004 estimate the meeting, which will run from August 1-5 in Glasgow, Scotland, will be the largest bioinformatics conference to be held that year.

The meeting will mark the first time ISMB, which will be in its twelfth year, has been held in conjunction with another bioinformatics meeting. The conference will be hosted jointly by the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), the UK-funded Collaborative Computational Project 11 (CCP11), and the Scottish Bioinformatics Forum (SBF) and will take place in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, a state-of-the-art conference auditorium that seats up to 3,000 delegates, has extensive breakout facilities, and is linked to 22,000 square meters of exhibition space and a 285-bedroom hotel.

Similar to ISMB, ECCB is a multi-disciplinary conference that bridges the fields of computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology by bringing together involved scientists from all over the world. It builds on the excellent reputation of the national computational biology conferences held in many European countries, by operating a revolving scheme: each year, one of the European countries hosts the European conference, jointly with its national conference on computational biology. The inaugural ECCB was held in conjunction with the German Conference on Bioinformatics in Saarbrücken, Germany, in October 2002.

The 2004 meeting will be organized and the program committee chaired by David Gilbert of the University of Glasgow and Janet Thornton of the European Bioinformatics Institute. So far, the organizers have proposed a format similar to previous ISMB meetings, including papers, presenters, posters, awards, special interest groups, and an "Education Day" of workshops and tutorials.

The organizing and program committees have representatives from every continent and both committees will be actively involved in promoting the conference to their local bioinformatics communities and encouraging submissions from around the world. Likewise, they will encourage the global participation of special interest groups, educators in bioinformatics, and companies, particularly those who are applying bioinformatics to improving human health and well-being.